Wang Yi minister of foreign affairs to U.N. Security Council resolution of 2371 punish Korea makes known his position

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The ejaculation that is aimed at Korea near future guides behavior, local time on August 5, u.N. Security Council passes the 2371st resolution that the United States drafts consistently, the decision implements sanction to Korea, prohibit Korea export mineral products and sea product, prohibit each country and Korea set a joint ventures to wait. Resolution emphasized safeguarding Korea peninsula and whole northeast at the same time inferior area peace and stable value, acceptance solves Korea peninsula problem with means of peace, diplomacy, politics, the appeal resumes 6 talks.

Be aimed at this resolution, foreign Minister Wang Yi expresses when accepting CCTV reporter to visit, resolution aims nucleus of Korea of more effective stem guides development process, at the same time the appeal restarts 6 talk. Still just hope to each just consider seriously and accept double time-out proposal in.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi: Today before dawn, u.N. Security Council was passed new 2371 resolution that involve Korea peninsula situation, regard U.N. as the permanent member of Security Council, we are among the process, act on mix objectively just footing, developed bear the blame and constructive action. This new resolution, have the content of two respects: Above all, it is to be aimed at Korea to disobeyed this kind of behavior that the decision of Security Council, ceaseless ejaculation guides to make necessary response. The purpose of this kind of necessary reaction, it is for effectively stem the nucleus of Korea guides the process of development; At the same time on the other hand, a very main component in this resolution, appeal namely should restart 6 talk, emphasize wanting to use the method of diplomacy and politics, with peaceful means, will solve the nuclear problem of the peninsula, should prevent condition especially farther insecurity and upgrade. I think content of this two respects is very serious, cannot do one thing and neglect another. Punish is need, but punish is not ultimate goal absolutely. The purpose is to want to pullback peninsula nucleus problem to the front of conference table, will seek final settlement through negotiating method, till achieve the lasting stability and durable peace of peninsula denuclearize and peninsula. After this resolution is passed, the situation of peninsula nucleus problem enters a very crucial node, we appeal each can with the manner that bear the blame, will make oneself judgement, will decide oneself action, want to avoid the insecurity with farther condition to upgrade especially. We still want to try hard to seek the way that solves a problem through negotiating between current condition, for this, the proposal of the double time-out that still just hopes to each just consider seriously and accept us to put forward in, this is current most practical, also be most a plan of fair and reasonable. This plan can alleviate current nervous condition, can solve the care on each the d

earest safety, also can be created to search peace talks a good luck and adjust, find a breach of peace talks namely, so we a proposal of double time-out also got more and more countries and the understanding of a few a man of insight and support essentially, I believe regular meeting gets more self-identity are mixed accept.

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