Enlighten do obeisance to skyscraper " torch tower " be on fire two years half inside the 2nd

United Arab Emirates enlighten 4 days of before dawn produce the tower of torch of block of flats that does obeisance to 86 fire, the dweller is urgent and scattered. Civilian prevent a branch to say, conflagration is put out after about 2 hours, still do not have personal casualty to report.

Dweller of block of flats says, fire happens at be being controlled when 1 of 4 days of before dawn local time. Enlighten do obeisance to police to say, building the 9th on fire, spread to other floor up. An associated press reporter around fire spot says, fire happens in a side of block of flats, more than 40 are surrounded by blaze. On fire reason still is not clear about.

The video presentation that circulates on gregarious website, a side of block of flats lights on fire blaze, many combustion fragment falls. Sameierfasala tells eyewitness network of news of American cable television, combustion fragment brings about two cars of around park to catch fire.

After fire happening, enlighten do obeisance to civilian prevent element of sectional fire control to hurry to the spot, undertake put out a fire is mixed come to help. A cordon is pulled all round the building, in case headroom dropping content, the police does not allow people to approach a building.

Before dawn 3 when 30 minutes or so, civilian prevent a branch to announce igneous situation gets controlling, fireman is undertaking cooling working. At present did not close to report at the casualties personnel of incident of torch tower fire, enlighten do obeisance to a government to say on gregarious website, enlighten do obeisance to civilian prevent a branch the member that successful and scattered building mies wife, command igneous force.

Torch tower is a luxurious block of flats, be located in enlighten do obeisance to high-rise most concentrated enlighten d

o obeisance to landing area, 336 meters tall, share 86, on the ground 79, 2011 complete, ever was the highest block of flats on the world.

This is not torch tower to produce fire first. Feburary 2015, torch tower before dawn breaks out fire, spread to the many floor of this luxurious block of flats, about 3 hour hind are put out. Many the dweller is urgent withdraw, place favour does not have personal casualty.

British capital London is deadly on June 14 after building fire produces the Grenfell of 80 person, high-rise builds safety to cause attention. Enlighten do obeisance to a fire control to seek advice from a company to express, in recent years, enlighten Bai Duodong skyscraper produces fire, igneous situation spreads faster all with flammable outside wall material is concerned, include 2015 torch tower fire.

Notable is, enlighten the member that do obeisance to calamity of this a few on fire to did not cause a person dies, the reason depends on unique structure designing, make fireman can faster put out a fire, suffer tired personnel criterion can by is smokeless the segregation area that does not have fire is scattered arrive outside the building. (Liu Xi) [Xinhua News Agency is small stalk of grain especially]

Original title: Enlighten do obeisance to sk

yscraper " torch tower " be on fire two years half inside the 2nd times responsibility edits: Jiang Xiaobin

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