"Poisonous egg " affect 12 states authorities holds Germany crisis meeting is answered

Berlin of China News Service on August 3 report (reporter Peng Dawei) exposed to the sun a few days ago the import that give from Dutch large quantities of eggs get insecticide fragrance general Buddhist nun (Fipronil) pollution incident ferments ceaselessly in Germany. Up to 3 days of evening, there already are 12 in 16 federal states by be involved in this incident. Schmidt of German agriculture minister that day as urgent as r

elevant city held crisis meeting to discuss the way to deal with a situation.

The news that according to Germany the Ministry of Agriculture announces 3 days, authorities is mixed from Belgium from the entrance detect in Dutch egg gave fragrance general Buddhist nun. Germany imported 3 million from Holand at least this kind of egg that gets pollution. German Ministry of Agriculture already asked egg of thing of experience of recall of relevant and federal state.

Fragrance general Buddhist nun is one kind is used at killing the insect insecticide such as flea, tick, germany prohibits be in animal products is machined and this one material is used in food carriage process. At present Belgium and Holand authorities are in detailed to incident account launchs investigation. Germany basically interlinks a supermarket a few times to already announced to suspend selling instantly produce from Dutch egg, accept consumer to return money.

German Ministry of Agriculture grows Schmidt 3 days to express to media, the crisis meeting that held through telephone conference form that day aims to if where,discuss answer strengthen this on incident mix federally local collaboration. He expresses, the purpose of this one collaboration is effectively boost protection of consumer rights and interests.

After this one incident is exposed to the sun to go out, consumer rights and interests protects an organization to begin to worry about the circumstance that whether birds flesh also exists to be polluted. N

ot Annabel Oelmann of chairman of center of protection of Lai plum consumer expresses, must find out responsibility as soon as possible now square, investigate clear birds kind fleshy products is in how old the risk that suffers insecticide also is faced on degree.

A spokesman emphasized European Union committee that day, experience thing farm has been locked up to decide, relevant egg also is sealed up for keeping, the situation already got controlling.

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