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上海龙凤论坛手机版Login because sexual scandal resigns,register representative of congress of first foreign citizen of Chinese origin of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian (graph) origin: ? ?2011-07-29 07:1 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border4 Http://www.mnw.cn/

On July 26, wu Zhenwei of person of the Democratic Party walks out of his office.

Because be suspected of,occupy Wu Zhenwei of representative of congress of first foreign citizen of Chinese origin of United States of report of Xinhua News Agency forcibly with enter into an election contest contribution person daughter has sex, 26 days announce to will be in the abdication after getting settlement about elevating the crisis of national debt upper limit.

Wu Zhenwei made a statement that day, not specific allude what suffer a gender to encroach accusation, when just saying to arrive to resign now, "I cannot work in congress and answer these very serious accusation while take care of good family " .

Wu Zhenwei was elected as representative of United States Congress first 1998, heretofore 7 be reappointed consecutively.

Russia straps ridge media to report last week, a woman sends speech mail to Wu Zhenwei's office, point to identify Wu Zhenwei had sex with oneself forcibly when thanksgiving last year. This woman comes from California city, this year 18 years old, high school graduated last year, his father is classmate of Wu Zhenwei high school, old good friend is mixed enter into an election contest capital donator.

After sexual scandal exposure, zhen Weijian says he did not break the law, but announce to seek be reappointed consecutively no longer. Nevertheless, the cry that political circles asks he resigns goes up gradually.

Wu Zhenwei is 56 years old, ancestral home Suzhou, be born at Taiwan new bamboo, young when migrate along with family the United States. He reads college of medicine of Stanford university, haing Buddha university and Yale law courtyard early or late, graduation epigenesis is a lawyer.

After Wu Zhenwei resigns, congressman of American foreign citizen of Chinese origin will remain the Zhao Meixin that is representative of the Democratic Party together only one person.

■ data

Political career ever two encounter the crisis

Political career of Wu Zhenwei confronts the crisis twice before, pass a barrier of place favour hardship.

Wu Zhenwei entered into an election contest 2004 when be reappointed consecutively, " Russia straps ridge person to declare " call the century on him the cummer before 70 time read the sex when Stanford university to encroach, but did not keep criminal record. Wu Zhenwei apologizes subsequently, but still censure by the other side.

Last year in November eve of congress metaphase election, behavior of media exposure Wu Zhenwei and disposition become suddenly eccentric, send many email to assistant with the snout of 13 years old of his sons in the middle of the night for instance, content is full of abracadabra; before dawn to send him to be played the part of to assistant with the mobile phone " jump jump tiger " photograph, make mockery. (Xinhua News Agency offers sketch)

■ before look up

Russia straps ridge still is domain of the Democratic Party

Force ridge electoral law according to Russia, the seat that Jichabai will leave to Wu Zhenwei holds this state governor special election. Election time is in surely next year on May 15. The candidate that participates in competition at present includes people of two the Democratic Party, republican within the party a few businessmen and legal department official. Media says, go up from the surface in light of, hold special election to be opposite it seems that republic party is advantageous, but constituency more apt democracy partisan


United States Congress enters into an election contest committee chairman Introduction Sidifuyiciruier says, le Gang of Russia of dictate of the Democratic Party is very long already. "Person of the Democratic Party holds the congress seat of this city all the time since 1975, senatorial Yaohankeli won victory in this electorate 2004, and Aobama's president also won a victory in this area 2008. This area supports a the Democratic Party very much, we are certain, person of the Democratic Party can continue to represent the family of this area. Person of the Democratic Party can continue to represent the family of this area..

Science of politics of university of American Pacific Ocean is professor Jim rub Er is forecasted, the person that defeats Wu Zhenwei still is a person of the Democratic Party likely most. (10 thousand fine)

■ media criticism


Resignation decision is terminative the political life of assemblyman Wu Zhenwei. During holding the posit

ion of representative, he was shown bilious, subordinate ever asked its accept psychotherapy. To Wu Zhenwei character, this is apparent failure. A few months before this, the criticism that the report that he escaped barpque to him behavior for many times, serious senior staff prediction of a person's luck in a given year leads and the politics that are in Washington and Russia to force ridge city to him are isolated (place) censure.

-- the United States " Le Gang's person signs up for Russia "

The position is weak

Be in early before this sexual scandal be in the news comes out, two Democrats already expressed to want to challenge Wu Zhenwei's position in the primary election phase of next year election, because his political position is too weak. Wu Zhenwei's abdication indicates 2 degrees of a congressman of the Democratic Party inside two months suffer a defeat, and the reason is sexual scandal. Before this one is the assemblyman Anthony that will resign on June 16 Wiener.

-- " new York Times "

(10 thousand fine)

Responsibility edits: Read related Hdwmn_ctt: Malic new machine releases IPhone7" to jump shut-eye of businessman of Taiwan of floor price " awakes first children of country of 2017-09-14 of compensate ten million rides by share case of claim for compensation of bicycle death tort to the Party Central Committee that sessional now 2017-09-15 is core with Comrade Xi Jinping is led and advance Jiang Junxing army

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored



According to BBC report, the data of the character with the information orgnaization surveillant place that 3 Euramerican and famous the press announced more concerned United States and England 20 days and orgnaization. Those who release newest data is England " defend a newspaper " , of the United States " new York Times " with Germany " bright mirror " weekly.

Report, the data of exposure is by before what Sinuodeng shows American information staff. Concerned confidential document shows, accept surveillant, monitored target about 1000, include the assistant director of an Europe alliance, and humanitarian orgnaization and Israel premier.

The file appears to show, the national district inside monitoring range exceeds 60. The comment says, the data of newest exposure may cause what intern

ational society pays close attention to the United States and England to collect information activity once more. Before this, the message exposure of the mobile phone that monitors German premier Mokeer about American state security bureau, caused beautiful, heart disturbance of a diplomacy appears between two countries.

The United States " new York Times " the report shows, headquarters of news report of government of British information branch (GCHQ) monitored the communication of foreign leader, include the head of state of African country among them, it is their family even, and U.N. and the administrator of other rescuing orgnaization.

This newspaper says at the same time, the electric mail of Israel official also is monitored. Included on list " Israel premier " ; At that time (2009) Israel premier is Aoermote.

England " defend a newspaper " the report expresses, the action of headquarters of British government news report develops government of Educational of orgnaization, U.N. , Germany to build in the light of U.N. , and commissioner of general affairs of European Uni

on competition. European Union committee makes a statement at this point say, if the view is belonged to solid, this kind of practice " be worth them to give the most severe condemnation " .


Kuala lumpur of China News Service Lu Hai of deputy secretary-general of Malaysia the Ministry of Communication will string cable on October 25 confirm, malaysia government did not receive Indonesian discovery doubt to appear the information of debris of plane of Ma Hang MH370.

Luhaiza attends MH370 24 days to seek the job when newest progress meeting, in the light of Indonesian the information that obtains MH370 debris expresses to media, the affinity of two countries can assure, once concern any messages at MH370 plane, government of Malaysia of Indonesian and sure immediate announcement. But at present Malaysia did not receive any informations.

Australian MH370 searchs for operation director Pidefoli to also say in same situation, although MH370 debris drifts likely Indonesian maritime space, nevertheless authorities did not receive Indonesian report and announcement.

Here media coverage, luhaiza expresses, discover in any places doubt is like the debris of MH370 plane, will be sent toward Australia to take a picture, reach be sent toward Boeing company to make identification.

She says, each just hope to search for the action to score gain inside short time, of boat resembling a law like seeking the operation.

Luhaiza points out, seek area range very wide, this also makes search for labour feel embarrassed to be finished in order to be inside short time.

Be in at present south the weather of the indian ocean gradually good, accordingly, we hope as own ship naval vessel and facility, can find debris at least, in order to find out the buy of place v/arc be on t

he throne of the plane.

Airliner of Ma Hang MH370 will fly to Beijing from kuala lumpur on March 8 this year couplet is broken in road, unit staff includes to share 239 people inside on machine. The plane misses up to now. The evidence that masters at present shows, the plane is in likely crash of maritime space of the indian ocean, still did not discover any trails up to now nevertheless.

(Original title: Equestrian government: Indonesian did not search

obtain MH370 debris)

Because negotiate,Philippine police says outstanding ransom is get-off of Chinese female tourist

 Japan or will import rare earth to be depended on in order to drop rare to China tract from India

 Before Italian premier divorces 77 years old again or marry 28 years old female " vermicelli made from bean starch "


 Login register each other of beautiful Russia of talk of tripartite of Paris of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to give gift beauty to send two potato Russia to give origin of cap of powdery cloth with soft nap: ? Qu Xian?2014-01-15 08:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] local time 13 days, russian minister of foreign affairs reachs U.N. in gram of Wu dear of Lafuluofu, United States - problem of A alliance Syria combines ambassador-at-large Bo Laxi rice holds tripartite to talk in Paris. Given Russia minister of foreign affairs hauls husband collect husband in Qing Ke of Wu of the United States before the talk begins two potato, as time give, russia delegacy gives spokesman of American the State Council the cap of cloth with soft nap of a pink.

The United States sends two potato Russia to return hat of cloth with soft nap giving pink

Russian minister of foreign affairs weighs beautiful gift or imply " carrot imposes a big stick policy "

The cap of pink cloth with soft nap that Russia gives

American Secretary of State (left) to Russian minister of foreign affairs (right) give two potato

Dispatch occupied the net austral Fujian on January 15 Russian intermediary on January 13 message, russian minister of foreign affairs pulls husband collect husband to say on the press conference, beautiful Secretary of State sends his to may be implied tomato patch in the gram " carrot imposes a big stick policy " meaning. Say according to Kerry, because Lafuluofu ever was in,this action is the phone chats in the potato that has discussed American Idaho state. To this, pull say of husba

nd collect husband: "English is carrot increases a club, carrot can trade potato. Carrot can trade potato..

Local time 13 days, russian minister of foreign affairs reachs U.N. in gram of Wu dear of Lafuluofu, United States - problem of A alliance Syria combines ambassador-at-large Bo Laxi rice holds tripartite to talk in Paris. Wu of the United States before the talk begins takes out two potato from inside carton in dear gram, and its given Russia minister of foreign affairs hauls husband collect husband, this one act drew a laughter of bilateral representing. As time give, russia delegacy gives spokesman of American the State Council the cap of cloth with soft nap of a pink.

The United States " foreign policy " express 13 days, the each other in diplomatic activity gives a gift is a traditional behavior, but do not suit to be given as the gift tomato patch. German the press call polish president Laihe Kaqinsiji 2006 " tomato patch " the diplomatic conflict that act caused two countries. But because be the traditional food of hamster area tomato patch, because this Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs praises this gift substantially.

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g data uncover secret to be investigated? Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-02-02 news recreation

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

The person that black supports federalization put on a show of force is occupational building of government of Si Lawei Yang Sike

 Case of one company president suicide is checked to be homicide college associate professor to be arrested


According to report of China News Service, american the State Council releases 19 days to oppose Mohammedan state list of the League of Nations, flower, 54 countries such as the law and European Union, north is made an appointment with and organization of area of A alliance and other places is in row. With day, beautiful the Stat

e Council elaborated the detailed course that since this year January the United States and internati
onal society answer Mohammedan country in detail first.

Beautiful the State Council expresses in statement, the United States is not singles to be fought alone in the process that attacks Mohammedan state. Flower, the European country such as the law, the middle east country such as Egypt, Qatar and many areas organization all express to be willing to join the alignment that hits Mohammedan state. Among them, much to Yi churchyard ground undertook England, Italy, Australia and France airdrop of humanitarian goods and materials, more than 10 countries are offerred to Yi army weapon, training and advisory aid, only the capital of one country helps sand spy be as high as 500 million dollar.

Beautiful the State Council still is in statement expatiatory the United States was in up to now in January from this year answer Mohammedan country the efforts in the process, and the international society move on this one problem.

Statement expresses finally, all these effort just still begin. The United States wishs with each country together, abiding by law of nations and the premise that respect Iraqi sovereignty to fall, answer a challenge jointly.


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