American Ministry of Agriculture approves an experiment: Release turn gene flying moth, plant naturally in order to reduce its group

All the time since, cole moth is considered as a kind to destroy the pest with very powerful force. Before, the only way that settles cole moth insect pest uses pesticide and pesticide only. Nowadays, this kind of circumstance may be changed somewhat.

The technology of project of a kind of gene that university of Er of American health Nai offers recently has obtained American Ministry of Agriculture to approve, the test is about to have in the one fraction area of north of new York city. It is reported, this technology is OK through turning gene flying moth lets this kind group disappear finally.

It is reported, by Intrexon of group of British biology science and technology this subordinate Oxitec company is in charge of production turning gene flying moth. This company design goes out have be restricted oneself the male cole moth of sexual gene. When moth of this kind of male cole and female are copulatory, can transfer this gene offspring. This kind of gene can let moth of cole of male and female die before manhood, cannot have breed thereby.

The scientist expresses, adopt this kind of method, can decrease turn the flying moth that gene cole moth puts area on is planted group of amounts, crop of further protection avoids damage to kill. In addition, moth of this kind of cole still contains fluorescent protein number, facilitate dog and monitor.

Anthony of entomologist of university of health Nai Er thanks Er to be in charge of leading this test suddenly. He expresses, have the objective of field test, it is to get more information, so that how will understanding turn these henceforth,gene insect is used at management of plant diseases and insect pests.

It is reported, xieerdu and his group will be in new York university of city Kang Nai Er is in city Geneva one batch puts in to turn on 10 acre land gene cole moth. According to the license of confederative orgnaization, they are OK one-time put in most 10 thousand male moth, perhaps be in 3 ~ put in every week inside the time of 4 months most 30 thousand moth.

Nevertheless, this experiment place uses turn gene technology is in cause public interest while, also let a lot of people feel anxiety. After all, already more and more orgnaizations are in in agriculture more use widely turn gene tech

nology. And, a lot of learning and commercial researcher also begin to extend gene technology from plant field to insect bound.

Center of safety of American Washington food is high Hansen conveyed policy analysis Shi Jiedi the concern that consumer proposes an organization, because use,turn gene flying moth may not meet those who reduce pesticide and insecticide to use. Still other insects also are met edible these vegetable. If we still must spray,chemical material kills the word of other destructive insects, what be to eliminate cole moth to have to use again only so?

Before this, oxitec company had used same technology to produce male yellow-fever mosquito, with the disease that spreads at preventing certain mosquito, for example stockaded village card, dengue and yellow fever. Last year, this company was in Brazil, big graceful island and Panamanian part area to put in turn gene mosquito, the yellow-fever mosquito amount that represents these districts has dropped somewhat.

And confederative orgnaization opened permission to go ahead with some project to this experiment, because they believe the farm experiment of small area is unlikely to form a venture to environment or human health,be. As to the effect how, let our wait and see what happens. (original title " turn hopeful of gene flying moth lets moth kill disappeared " )

Original title: American Ministry o

f Agriculture approves an experiment: Release turn gene flying moth, plant naturally in order to reduce its group of responsibility editors: Ji Wei dimension

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