Anticipate the enemy? The assistant to a high official before Telangpu is senior sue board of inquiry of beautiful congress disturbance

In report will occupy new network on December 9 beautiful intermediary report, the Meiduosi that aides and staff of the White House of Cengren of period of bright general government grows American spy (Mark Meadows)8 day takes the lead in adopting law to act,

According to the report, the numerous courtyard that with investigation congress rioted on January 6 agrees last week after special committee cooperates, mei Duosi changes a mind 7 days again suddenly, reject to cooperate again.

8 days some earlier moment, this committee expresses, the likelihood initiates those who be aimed at Meiduosi to scorn congress criminal to investigate. Mei Duosi did not attend the hearing that held at 10 o'clock in the morning on 8 days.

The report points to, if this committee decides such doing, so successful odds is very big. Such word, because reject to as rambunctious as congress board of inquiry cooperates and scorn the person that congress criminal charges,Mei Duosi will become the 3rd. The accused before this inc

ludes Telangpu cater-cousin class farming.

Mei Duosi's lawyer expresses 7 days: We agree with those who offer thousands of page to answer a file, mei Duosi is willing to be not involved (presidential administration) the problem of the prerogative is freewill attest, is not in special committee subpoena threatening next answer problems. Now, the action of special committee lets him do not have method to appear personally attest.

On June 30, boule of United States Congress votes through establishing special committee, investigate the fact of congress disturbance incident, circumstance and matter. This committee already to Telangpu before ally and relevant personnel issued tens of Zhang Chuan bank notes. Nevertheless,

telangpu and its group condemn relevant investigation all the time since special committee holds water, express to want to boycott committee subpoena.

This year on January 6, in general election of president of congress check the amount between electoral usance, proponent force pounds Telangpu of the president before the United States congress, cause death of at least 5 people. This incident is the most serious assault that congress is sufferred nearly 200 years.

Original title: Anticipate the enemy? The assistant to a high official before Telangpu is senior sue the United States to meet editor of responsibility of rambunctious board of inquiry: Ceng Shaolin

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