Human affairs is fluctuant and ceaseless! Telangpu supports assistant of national security work

Human affairs of near future of American the White House is fluctuant and ceaseless, in-house contradiction also sees all stories again and again, your outside worries about group of the White House flabby. At present, he Baite of assistant of work of security of American president state the trusted follower that Maikemasite leaves because of frying predecessor again, cause standpatter personage criticism. To the Maikemasite of deep-set predicament, 5 days of lung-power hold out American president Tangnadetelangpu, say he is a good person absolutely.

Maikemasite 2 days of discharge information is advisory Aicilake henry - watt Nick. It is go smoothly of 31 years old of divisions - watt Nick is a Jew, by Er of Michael of assistant of work of predecessor state security Fulindi is unplugged enter commission of American state safety, be inspected Flynn's chela. After Fulinyin connects Russian door to resign, division go smoothly - watt Buddhist nun captures remain in office up to now.

In discharge division go smoothly - before watt Buddhist nun is overcome, maikemasite is already right national safety commission developed human affairs to adjust, the T of K of deputy assistant of national security work that the not only Flynn that is moved to give national security committee appoints Mack flange, the Si Difen of chief strategy division that still has Telangpu class farming.

However, to division go smoothly - the no longer hold the post that watt Buddhist nun captures, the person tha

t criticize says, maikemasite is to want the standpatter sound spare none in safe to the country group. Israel media more print article says Maikemasite has deep hostility to Israel.

To this, the White House publishs Telangpu 5 days statement says, maikemasite is a good person not only, still kiss Israel. Maikemasite's general and I work together very happily, statement is written, I continue to be a country to him effectiveness expresses acknowledgment greatly.

The Dekushenna in husband merchant of Telangpu also supports Maikemasite, say he is the precious fortune of true public servant and United States.

Since the closest period of time, secretary of news of the White House is like director of general office of Ensipasai, the White House to bilk Anthony of director of office of contact of communication of Yinsipulibaisi, the White House Sikalamuji is successi

onal. American media reports, telangpu also has changed the state of mind that changes a position to Maikemasite.

The word of personage of know the inside story of associated press cite reports, as a result of the dissatisfaction that acts in Afghanistan to the U.S. Army, telangpu has wanted to let currently hold the post ofthe United States to be stationed in Afghan army supreme commander goes person, overcome Masite replace by wheat again. (Chen Lixi Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

Original title: Human affairs is fluctuant and ceaseless! Telangpu supports responsibility of assistant of national security work to edit: Ceng Shaolin

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