Choose responsible wild Tian Jiayan to say to be about to resign a secretary in charge of sth of Japanese Democratic Progressive Party grows to be defeated

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In report will occupy new network on July 26 day intermediary report, long wild Tian Jiayan is in a secretary in charge of sth of Japanese Democratic Progressive Party 25 days this month this party represents on talkfest of two courtyards assemblyman, it is of purpose this month Tokyo of 2 days parliamentary vote loses responsible, resign a secretary in charge of sth grows one duty.

Wild Tian Jiayan

Shou Lianfang of this party party (assemblyman of Japanese ginseng courtyard) express " the Democratic Progressive Party that hopes to found new generation " , express to will begin to include the leader layer human affairs that a secretary in charge of sth grows inside to adjust as soon as possible. About issueing a vote of Japan

ese numerous courtyard, lotus boat divulges he is participated from the small electorate of Tokyo of purpose. She was referred as

leader layer on talkfest the summary report of parliamentary vote, obtain basically agree.

According to the report, lotus boat hope is in office through 23 days of Japan party and opposition are right definitely the victory of election of mayor of city of celestial being stage and the occurrences in human life that the party leads a layer are adjusted come the new student of seek Democratic Progressive Party, but to bringing about party force is small the criticism of confused lotus boat is confirmed also, human affairs is adjusted it is difficult to predict to also will be encountered.

The analysis points out, because Yetianyizhi is of lotus boat " backing " , if he is dismissed, the cohesive affinity of lotus boat may drop further.

About putting forward abdication be related, wild Tian Zaiken talks the meeting is backward the reporter expresses " administer within the party not successful, the responsibility that assumed a series of things " .

Dang Shouan of department of the Yuan Cheng before the foreign minister before Japan is being passed outside, representative lives Chang Yumu of a secretary in charge of sth of honest, representative is male the person that the person such as one man may become the succeed sb in a post of open field. Open field is in after parliamentary vote, disclosed the opinion of abdication to the personage beside, also did not respond to the sound that persuade to stay.

Lotus boat leads a layer to emphasize saying with respect to the party on talkfest: "Must think method undertakes aggrandizement. Issue a numerous courtyard election to may be in one year in hold. " be opposite about oneself the countermeasure of numerous courtyard election, be based on parliamentary vote loses say " should participate from losing Tokyo small electorate " , express clearly will attend from numerous courtyard from the instead that join a courtyard enter into an election contest.

Responsibility edits: Discipline reads related valuable dimension: Fuzhou lasts high temperature is sent be away for the summer holidays scene area person is away for the summer holidays to suffer from travel expense case rises completely 2017-07-20 blessing installs sweethearts to employ a person " brush sheet " owe arrest of punishment of 200 many person 2017-07-20 of await trial of one person be bailed out and civilization hand in hand Pu Tianqi is moved " advocate green the life objects

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