Telangpu or in visit formally flower before right flower spread out " try a visit " flower intermediary: To avoid awkwardness

According to the United States " congress hill signs up for " on July 23 quote England " daily Post " report, president of United States of outer group concern is visited formally to England may make Li Sha of British queen Yi white awkward during, telangpu will head for England to undertake this year " try visit " .

The report says, try this visitting is to stem from concern spy Lang Puxuan clamour and overturn traditional behavior may make queen awkward. Try this visit the traditional grand occasion when won't including official visit and item, but can undertak

e with British premier Teleisha Mei's talk.

British message personage discloses, try this only visit an activity to gain a success, england just can invite Telangpu to have the officia

l visit to England.

England " defend a newspaper " will publish an article to say June, in talking with Teleisha Mei's phone, telangpu was conveyed visit to its to British home flower remonstrant concern, if he cannot get the support of British public,express, he won't have a visit. However, although " defend a newspaper " such report, ying Meizheng government office firm say the visit plans to still exist.

Telangpu is sent after the London downtown horrible incident June " push special " to the Sa Di as London mayor the sweat that overcome · censures inscrupulously, criticize him to be caused in assault 7 the people still tells below the circumstance of 48 injuries to death " do not have necessary concern " this one opinion on public affairs. Sweat of Sa Dick · expresses when accepting British media to interview: "Telangpu's policy and the look that we bear are contrary to, I think we should not prepare red carpet to receive its to come. " (the exercitation compiles: Wu Fan goes over a manuscript or draft: Tan Liya)

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