Catenary of foreign rubbish sudden huge profits: Smuggling gimmick pattern renovates old dress profit at least 10 times

On the routine press conference that environmental protection ministry will hold on July 20, collaboration of international of environmental protection ministry manages director Guo Jing expresses, a few countries change solid waste material other country through a variety of means, some is illegal export even. He points out, domestic abroad has a few illegal traders for his interest illegal entrance, carry secretly contrabands foreign rubbish. So, chain of what kind of increase is the backside that imports foreign rubbish illegally having after all?

On July 18, WTO of our country advice-note, will be by this year before urgent prohibit trash of 4 kinds of 24 kinds of solid enter a country, include source of income to abandon the broken bits of plastic, vanadium, waste paper without sorting and useless spin raw material to wait for trash of tall pollution solid among them, these entrance solid are useless be called to silver coin by people normally rubbish. Constant adulteration has these foreign rubbish tall pollution rubbish and dangerous sex trash, our country adjusts rubbish to import code is to protect environment and people health.

Actually, before this on April 18, our country has passed " about prohibiting silvering coin rubbish enters a country advance solid trash to import administrative system to reform executive scheme " , run a system to perfecting solid trash to import, sort of cent of branch line of business is made prohibit the schedule that solid trash imports, classify group by group adjust entrance administration list, use method of law, economy, administration integratedly, reduced entrance sort and amount to make deploy considerably.

Dispel misgivings

Why should be foreign rubbish imported before our country?

Be this message come on stage, make a lot of talents realize our country is not to foreign rubbish entrance before before prohibit completely, can import inside limit however. So why does our country need to import foreign rubbish?

Our country begins to execute administration to permit management to solid trash entrance from 1996, issued for enforcement to import catalog, have gross adjusting control every year to importing breed and amount. This basically is our country is in the basis at that time the deficient that certain level ever had appeared on plastic raw material, papermaking raw material, balata raw material, the measurable entrance that hopes to carry solid waste material is compensatory the inadequacy of these raw material.

Data shows, 56% what our country occupies the whole world to produce per year crude capacity to year of import volume of solid trash, import volume was as high as 7.3 million tons last year, total value amounts to 3.7 billion dollar. Express according to public figure of environmental protection department nevertheless, upgrade as the optimizing of structure of our country industry, china has faded gradually to a few extensive industry, the demand of foreign to the part rubbish also immediately and fall. The solid litter that in recent years our country imports legally already by with low value, heavy pollution abandon plastic, waste paper to give priority to turned to the useless metal with costly value, low pollution to go up. The great majority of trash of 24 kinds of solid that this our country takes the lead in prohibiting importing is bel

onged to former.


Import foreign rubbish illegally to already formed increase chain

On the routine press conference that environmental protection ministry will hold on July 20, collaboration of international of environmental protection ministry manages director Guo Jing expresses, a few countries change solid waste material other country through a variety of means, some is illegal export even. He points out, domestic abroad has a few illegal traders for his interest illegal entrance, carry secretly contrabands foreign rubbish. So, chain of what kind of increase is the backside that imports foreign rubbish illegally having after all?

Beijing youth signs up for a reporter to understand, it is early more than 30 years ago, the circumjacent country such as Japan began to appear a few professional corporations that export rubbish technically to China, the course after they collect rubbish classifies an organization simply to be exported to China. The rubbish of these abroad offers money firm in, already the foreigner leaves, also the person that admits foreign rubbish technically in China runs to be registered abroad, oneself form fluctuation to swim industrial catenary.

The company that actually these abroad export rubbish from buying rubbish to flow to the content in whole exit process is to want his to give money, so they do not earn money from rubbish itself, income comes from the waste disposal subsidy that foreign government pays. As we have learned, the cost that the developed country handles to rubbish is very high, come in every tons of 400 dollars probably 1000 dollars, and carry goes to China, even if adds freight only 10 dollars reach every tons cost 40 dollars.

After these foreign rubbish enter China, of home receive debit to come with extremely low price average normally. Do not pass a ground every time the sort of rubbish is different and careful degree of classification has price distinction. It is every tons of price of hundreds of yuan of RMBs in order to abandon the foreign rubbish that old clothes gives priority to normally. Next these foreign rubbish can pass choose classification for many times, layer upon layer resell goes out, often jump over to the back end price with careful sorting more tall, formed the rubbish of the careful classification such as paper, metal, plastic, dress, electric equipment finally, carry different place to undertake means is handled differring further again, for instance, paper, plastic, metal kind can throw circular production as raw material; After electric equipment is tearing open next significant component, undertake be tearinged open further solving, for instance, depart gives glass, plastic, balata, metal to wait, still can abstract a precious metal sometimes, but often can cause serious pollution to the environment in this process.

These foreign rubbish flow into China, pass roughly enter a country, a few link such as have a change of luck, treatment, sale, having clear division of labor, formed industrial chain, according to different link normally phyletic to differring rubbish is having clear dividing line, be managed respectively by different organization and between form single-track connection. Just be in finally each the different link of this industry catenary gains profit.

The current situation

Renovate ceaselessly to seek sudden huge profits to contraband foreign rubbish gimmick

To most person, wary to rubbish avoid not as good as. It is however in eye of a few people, rubbish became treasured object however, leave no stone unturned should import China. On one hand, it is these foreign rubbish the manufacturing raw material that can make a few trades really realizes value, but it is a lot of people on the other hand sell obtain sudden huge profits again to face-lifting of a few foreign rubbish. Because this kind of interest is driven,also be, a lot of people that do not have rubbish to import a qualification also try every means nots hesitate to contraband foreign rubbish through violating a measure. According to custom personnel northerly blueness signs up for reporter introduction, violate compasses foreign rubbish to have two kinds of pattern roughly, one kind is to surmount our country regulation to import limits to enter a country the foreign rubbish sort that prohibits importing China, another kind is the enterprise that does not have licence buy licence to import foreign rubbish through hiring.

As we have learned, the hedgerow that our country custom begins to was aimed at foreign rubbish smuggling technically to start from 2013 is special the action, to foreign rubbish smuggling had the effect of keep within limits of certain level. But because among them profit is rich and generous, foreign rubbish contrabands gimmick to also be renovated ceaselessly, the member that contraband element and person of custom suppress smuggling plays rose to play hide-and-seek.

Our country prohibits clearly importing solid trash smuggling, include to abandon rubbish of scoria, useless activator, useless tire, useless batteries, electron to wait for industrial trash and old dress, building rubbish, life rubbish, medical treatment rubbish and dangerous trash. But contraband molecular criterion correspondence to sign up for with bogus, hide the truth from the means such as Tibet of newspaper, clip to avoid custom to superintend, for instance, the trash puppet that the country prohibits entering a country the newspaper is become to it the other goods with similar appearance, offer false sheet card to be superintended in order to escape custom, even when some is declaring import content, direct clip hides the foreign rubbish that the country prohibits importing. Some returns the electronic rubbish that places Tibet to prohibit importing in useless hardware, in useless plastic in clip Tibet abandons tire section, return the useless scoria that some prohibits importing in public proclamation of the be mingled with in ore even, these increased to check personnel to distinguish to goods with qualitative difficulty, especially ore and useless scoria belong to same property even sometimes, distinguish somewhat in mineral content respect only.


Relet licence contrabands main technique into foreign rubbish

Import the management of foreign rubbish for the standard, our country adopts system of licensing to the entrance of solid litter and processing, also formed index. Although our country prohibits clearly making over solid trash to import relevant licence, but in fact, because licence is in short supply resource, a few companies that have solid trash to import aptitude begin paid make over licence. Introduce according to custom personage, alleged although,making over licence is actually him disappear accept not so much foreign rubbish, but the upper limit entrance that still carrying licence on the head, after will foreign rubbish enters a country, turn to the enterprise that does not have licence or individual again, the person that let these do not have card thereby also got foreign rubbish. This kind of rental licence has been become current the mainest crime technique.

In the case of buy in and sell at a profit of a foreign rubbish that investigates somewhere in the southeast of near future our country, investigate and deal with sb personnel discovers, two enterprises begin to restrain 80 yuan price with every tons respectively from 2015, the import that buys about 18 thousand tons to another chemical company that has permissive aptitude is useless plastic approve article quota, latter seeks profit nearly 1.5 million yuan. In a case of solid trash smuggling that this year put on record will investigate in March, actual consignee is purchased outside the condition useless plastic, later to the sea by the some trade limited company that has license and some textile limited company Guan Shen signs up for an entrance, actual consignee is carried again after goods discharged, two companies to actual consignee collection every tons of bag that differs 700 yuan to 800 yuan is connected pass cost.

Boreal blueness signs up for a reporter to understand in interview, a lot of have aptitude company make a reckless move to betray these solid litter to import index, actually besides seek profit besides still have a main reason, if import quota is exhaustless this year,that is, environmental protection branch is issueing a nucleus one year to reduce import quota, formed the situation of out of control that have more than is needed also should import. The solid trash lack that adds on a few places to come in to lawful entrance flows to monitoring, also accomplished this kind of licence to search hire behavior. In one picket case, a company builds the product line that 3 are used at handling entrance solid waste material, only however a normal go into operation. But this company still is produced per year according to every can a standard-sized sheet namely the forehead spends 15000 tons top case to declare at customs to custom, cover the forehead that come out to spend be made over to go out. Oneself are exhaustless while entrance forehead is spent, a large number of entrances exceed him to handle the foreign rubbish of ability, these coming in that cannot pass foreign rubbish of normal channel digestive to take subterranean processing factory entirely again, undertake sorting is abstracted, brought serious menace to the environment on one hand, at the same time a few foreign rubbish that import through illegal channel undertake 2 times selling, the health that is pair of compatriots more caused serious menace.

Uncover secret

Old dress profit has 10 times at least in foreign rubbish

It is with old dress exemple, normally home accepts goods person with just a little 100 yuan one ton purchases the foreign rubbish that gives priority to with old dress, pass layer upon layer sorting next, can press 1 yuan of money finally 1 jin price sale goes out, eliminate labour cost, turn hand price broke up a few times.

And with 1 yuan of money 1 jin buys old clothing buy the home to be met undertake sorting according to new old rate again, new to comparing clothes can adopt face-lifting gimmick to undertake 2 times selling through channel of a few frame-up compasses, often be to regard as new clothes sells. And choose a few do not have what the law sells when new clothes to regard as directly secondhand dress sale, can press a few yuan of money one perhaps talks jin of means that say to sell work off again, sell finally wait toward out-of-the-way country, building site. Additional, electric business also makes these clothing nowadays kind the important and current channel of foreign rubbish.

The medium that has the foreign rubbish village that once had interviewed special face-lifting old dress is computative, even

if has half old dress to cannot be sold 2 times finally, turn into thoroughly rubbish abandons, also can achieve 10 times right-and-left gain normally, namely the profit that every tons of foreign rubbish can bring thousands of yuan of RMB.

Actually, old dress is the foreign rubbish sort that our country public proclamation prohibits importing. Illegal element basically is through smuggling waiting in the carry secretly in lawful foreign rubbish the way imports foreign old dress. There ever was media to cite before this the word of personage of know the inside story, weighing these old dress is to come from the Tophet that waits for a country at Japan, Korea, United States, reject to handle factory and hospital, funeral parlour, the patient does not wear some, some is even gather up from the dead body come down. There ever was media to be in before this dark the saw with one's own eyes when visitting sees a large number of bloodstain exist on old dress of a few entrances.

Explode makings

Net inn cuts dress of mark foreign trade probable it is foreign rubbish

According to custom personage northerly blueness signs up for reporter introduction, according to the case that hunts down before, old dress of a lot of abroad often is to pass bogus to sign up for the name of an article, camouflage goods, forge the method smuggling such as only evidence to enter a country.

And the old dress that goes to China to these entrances, can choose through breaking up artificially, to a few common dress the course is repaired simply, clean and iron very hot, turn with sheet of foreign trade end or exit next the name of sale in domestic market is sold afresh, and old to a few famous brand dress, still can send cleaners clean face-lifting even, deserve technically to go up next sham sign undertakes selling, return the price not to poor sometimes. As we have learned, electric business domain has become the new channel of accept of these old dress disappear in recent years, especially a few old dress that come from day of Han because design is original, on the net the sale still suffers a youth to be in especially quite the favour of school undergraduate. Last year second half of the year, shenzhen frontier defence ever had intercepted and capture a batch 549 tons of heavy foreign rubbish dress, of its amount big also of demand of home market of it serves to show exuberant.

To this the personage inside course of study reminds a few habits private on the net shop taxes the consumer of dress, if the dress design in shop mostly with sheet the form appears, and design span is very big, so be about to raise vigilance. Even if is the same as paragraph dress more than if have two only 3, also should discriminate origin carefully so, because reclaim in the old dress of a lot of places,the sale has formed industrial chain, can undertake classified arranging is down swimming to dress even shipment. In addition, because dress is being worn,be used and in catharsis process, often brand share is the easiest tatty, because this shows old, curly, hair apparently to a few brand,yellow dress also should notice especially. Inn of a few nets still can sell the foreign trade clothes that a few brand are cut off, this kind of account that cuts sign often is not to resemble what businessman place says making a holiday for avoid, and the old dress that comes from abroad probably namely.

Case analysis

Why does village predestined relationship hit foreign rubbish not to come loose repeatedly

In the catenary of industry of foreign rubbish smuggling that makes clear in division of labor, gain profit severally with all possible means. In the whole process that handles in these foreign rubbish, it is sorting need cost, it is mostly after undertaking grooming simply to the farmer in the country but mount guard, with the sort of the most primitive method, cost is very low. Personage of know the inside story is narrated to divulge before, there are many special sortings before a few years to machine the village of foreign rubbish in home, have special treatment old electric equipment, have sorting old dress, in total national capital little famous energy of life, one have foreign rubbish to carry toward those places.

Boreal blueness signs up for reporter inquiry, these foreign rubbish villages are in southeast foreland is most concentrated, for instance, in relief Ou Guiyu presses down tide of city of head of Guangdong province Shan to ever abandoned old electron rubbish in order to tear open solution and famous, town of stone of stone tablet of city of end of Guangdong province Shan becames famous with sorting old dress, in addition the couplet village that aplomb of pond of dragon of remote town of Guangdong Qing Dynasty installs big drop of city of village, Fosan to press down ever was famous foreign rubbish village.

CCTV reporter is in in October 2009 the middle ten days of a month ever dark had visited Shi Zhenxin of stone tablet of Guangdong Liu Feng city market of foreign rubbish costume, a quite close smuggling, treatment, subterranean industry chain that peddles foreign rubbish costume had been formed here. The foreign rubbish shop of new at that time Rao Cun is like cobweb closely, every shop is worn in barefaced sale the old dress that comes from the national smuggling such as Japan, Korea. The statistic of a survey before this shows bureau of suppress smuggling of Shan end custom, in the town of stone tablet stone of 260 thousand population, be engaged in what foreign rubbish dress manages having more than 10000 people at that time.

After according to saying to be in CCTV program broadcasts, place ever dispatched public security, industrial and commercial wait for the combination that had a few months of by a definite date to execute the law catenary of industry of punish foreign rubbish. After passing 4 years CCTV is new 2013 dark when visitting here, the foreign rubbish market of stone tablet stone was not destroyed before mixing 4 years however same flourishing, on 1000 shop peddle foreign rubbish costume publicly. And here formed more careful industry chain, for instance, go to old dress the ball, processing that brush hair, every processing fee is 5 to 7 horn; The hole on patchy old clothes every 1 yuan or so, even here still has store of brand label major, the dress brand of a lot of countries is sold. Be in place, an old Han edition female fur clothing is original price 20 yuan, after looking for person specially assigned for a task to spend 40 yuan of face-lifting to handle, can follow new same.

And arrived this year on March 3, shan head custom and land abundant public security, frontier defence, industrial and commercial wait for a branch to be pressed down in stone tablet stone again demolish a smuggling imports old dress store shelter feature, amount to 96 tons entrance old dress to be bound to form a pile by the iron wire with rubiginous full of stains or spots mark, the English letter on the bag that pack is clear still and visible. So stubborn old dress business is long destroy incessant, it serves to show among them interest is rich and generous.

Observation of finance and economics

Aggrandizement rubbish classifies conduce to reduce foreign rubbish demand

At present our country is go ahead of the rest was given out to trash of 4 kinds of 24 kinds of solid only enter a country ban, this means our country to still cannot suspend the import of all pair of foreign rubbish instantly, this and our country still have a few industries to cannot leave foreign rubbish to concern really.

It is to know perfectly well foreign rubbish to pollute an environment to must be imported however on one hand, it is more and more our country rubbish cannot be handled on the other hand, this is derivative the rubbish of our country classifies a problem. The personage is narrated to express before, because our country is most,the rubbish of the area has not realized classification, the litter that this is an useful litter and no use actually is jumbly was in one case. If we can advance rubbish classification effectively, future is very much abandon the industry that is raw material in order to originally to be able to pass rubbish of disappear accept China to realize production.

Boreal blueness signs up for a reporter to notice, this year our country will pass April " about prohibiting silvering coin rubbish enters a country advance solid trash to import administrative system to reform executive scheme " in have order to prohibiting importing solid waste material, in measure ground carries out a process, emphasize doing good loop to use at the same time, development loop economy, also be the direction that shows clear solid trash is used integratedly. If we divide rubbish analogize to reach the designated position all right, executive generator responsibility is outspread system, do good resource to change use integratedly, also found what import firm waste material to abroad to replace a method greatly. (Beijing youth signs up for reporter Zhang Qin)

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