Venezuela politics conflict upgrades supreme court judge is detained by the government

Abroad net on July 23 report of Venezuela turn over governmental tide to last, on thousands of people Saturday (22 days) go into the street demonstrate is processional to the supreme court, protest presidential Maduluo plans Xiu Xian. During demonstrate person produce conflict with national guard, guard discharge tear bomb breaks up. Venezuela government is the same as day of detain supreme court among them a judge, your the political conflict of this country upgrades, zhou San of people of opposition appeal whole nation (26 days) reach Zhou Si (27 days) participate in new round of strike of 48 hours acts.

According to Venezuela media El Carabobe? O report, by congress of opposition pilot Venezuela last week 5 voting replace the supreme court 33 judges, challenge a gove

rnment further. Government and court point to this country ever since, the movement that replaces a judge is unconstitutional, invalid. On authorities strike back Saturday, detain among them Saierpa of a judge (Angel Zerpa) , but did not explain a reason.

Thousands of demonstrate person go up to increase the much ground put on a show of force such as Lajiasi in the capital Saturday, protest Xiu Xian and requirement reelect president. Somebody reachs a police to throw stone and incendiary to national guard during, authorities discharge tear bomb, the person that count a demonstrate gets hurt during conflict, include to turned over governmental put on a show of force to represent one of characters, young violinist recently Ateyajia (Wuilly Arteaga) .

More than 7.5 million person is participated in last week day (16 da

ys) held folk is common cast, ever since last week 4 (20 days) millions people participates in the strike, object Maduluo writing constitution.

The outer net that occupy the sea reports before this, at the beginning of April since this country erupted mass protest activity, remonstrant produces conflict with police for many times. 4 months come turn over a government to protest demonstrate has caused about 100 people to die up to now, thousands of person is injured, the economy of Venezuela is inflicted heavy losses on accordingly.

To this, venezuela president Maduluo expresses on countrywide TV, he will insist to revise constitution by original plan, strike activity a bit did not affect the operation that counts big company of a hunderd schools to Venezuela. (Compile / abroad net Sun Meng)

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