Seafood of tears of blood! Hawaiian fish trade be in the news exploits foreign nationality hire hands

Committee of human rights of the Xiang Meizhou before a few commonweal of American organize day is petitionary, ask latter investigates American Hawaiian city to fish course of study exists encroach human rights phenomenon, the foreign natio

nality boater that calls these piscatorial companies employ is in maritime live servile and average life.

Net of chelonian island rehabilitate checks alliance of bodyguard of ocean of alliance of bondage Pacific Ocean initiates this petition 13 days jointly this month, disclosed this one information to American media a few days ago. Committee of America human rights is America nation organization sets an orgnaization, the member country that can organize to this governmental to table a proposal.

Associated press report, hawaiian piscatorial company gets American federal law to superintend flaw, make many foreign nationality boater can work on the fisher of these companies only and live, and cannot get basic labor safeguard. In these people, a lot of poor countries that come from southeast Asia and Pacific Area, their income is low to horary 70 cent (add up to) of 4.7 yuan of RMBs about, and the value of product of high of great capacity such as the yellow fim tuna that these piscatorial companies catch every year is as high as 110 million dollar () of 744 million yuan of RMBs, sell past United States and overseas market.

Memorial writes: To nonfeasance of occurrent phenomenon of trample human rights, it is the;acquiescence;connivance of general to this kind of slave work environment. The high-grade seafood that American wealthy person consumes, catch below environment of this kind of work just about.

Director of policy of net of chelonian island rehabilitate gets stuck Xi Baidi Xiao Shui, hawaiian piscatorial company is in superintendency vacuum to fall, american federal and s

tate government fail to even if the most fundamental human rights is ensured,be offerred to these boater.

Councilman of at least two Hawaiian cities before this puts forward second reading, the hope seeks appropriate measure, in order to know the true condition on the boat when fisher works, and discover potential problem. But these are second reading did not obtain through.

What I expect no less than, they are main go canvassing, will strangle these second reading, state senator gets stuck Ni Laying to say, this is too difficult, the organization that because be dimension of these foreign nationality labor,counterpoises is too little, piscatorial company fails fund go about selling an idea, their sound nature had covered these foreign nationality workers. (Guo Qian) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

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