Australia is uncovered use small-sized plane to contraband narcotics case together

Sydney of China News Service the case that Aust

ralian police will uncover report to use small-sized plane to contraband drugs together recently on July 21, 3 men are arrested.

According to Australia " daily telecommunications signs up for " report, the glacial poison that police hunts down this shares 255 kilograms, total value is amounted to 255 million bay yuan.

The report says, an old person plan of 72 years old uses Melbourne poison of plane general ice carries from American California dimension city a certain out-of-the-way airport. Australian federal police thinks, this international peddles poisonous group to hide poison to go to the lavatory, pulled down of purpose 6 people the passenger seat of Cessna210 plane. According to saying, these likelihoods glacial poison are sent toward Australian the eastpart part.

Some earlier this month moment, 72 years old of old people are in this name Melbourne airport suffers police intercept. Say according to acquisition information, this old person to will put poison on the ice from Australia of California carry back, bought a piece of one-way airline ticket only. Additionally two men that are detained by police are 58 years old mix 52 years old respectively, accepting investigation at present.

It is reported, these 3 men are accused

put-up smuggling is many drugs and other crime. Once be convictioned, the highest penalty that face will be lifelong imprisonment.

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