Nanjing massacre historical data head ascend Hiroshima to exhibit: Kill of edge of the Yangtse River of collection of secretary of Japanese military strategist in ancient China 30 thousand

Login register massacre of Nanjing of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian historical data head ascends Hiroshima to exhibit: Kill of edge of the Yangtse River of collection of secretary of Japanese military strategist in ancient China: of 30 thousand origin? ?2017-07-16 15:2 of felt of free time ┤6 Http://

Nanjing daily on July 16 message, 15 days, " the memory that is sealed up for keeping does not make Nanjing tragic repeat " exhibit in Japanese Hiroshima, this is close come to Nanjing 20 years massacre historical data is exhibited exhibit in Japanese Hiroshima first. 50 are exhibited board, many pieces of 200 photograph, recorded the Japanese Invading Army to commit all sorts of savage act below in Nanjing especially in China.

A batch of in kind that the brigade delegacy of Nanjing citizen peace takes Japanese Hiroshima ginseng to exhibit caused the attention of Japanese citizen. The reporter understands, in many 10 objective, many be make public external first.

" the memory that is sealed up for keeping does not make Nanjing tragic repeat " exhibit in Japanese Hiroshima.

9 a letter from home record Japanese arms river side kill

Participate in capture fine of the island in the Japanese arms of Nanjing battle hides 9 the individual is epistolary exhibit in the spot, from another angle true that paragraph of history before recording 80 years.

The reporter understands, japanese arms goes back to the motherland at that time, what take let sb pass of the ability after all sorts of data all want to be examined through Japanese military headquarters, a lot of true records at this point by erasure. Because the war at that time is being tightened, 9 when insular fine Tibet gives family in epistolary did not send, later, he is gone in the war, these are epistolary after Japanese be defeated, bring back home by its comrade-in-arms. Before the family that in give insular fine hides, integrity of bridge of Japanese scholar storehouse had an opportunity to copy these correspondence, arrange its. Among them, mention in the 9th correspondence, tibet of fine of the island in at that time sees the Japanese army commits murder in Jiang Bian everyday, have 30 thousand Chinese about, the body is thrown into the Yangtse River directly. Qiaozhengzhi is arranging the storehouse the point of view that oneself expressed when these are epistolary: Insular fine Tibet is a small classy army nevertheless in, can see 30 thousand Chinese is killed directly, the dimensions of the Chinese that is killed by the Japanese army at that time it is thus clear that is very giant.

2014, museum of Nanjing folk War of Resistance Against Japan holds an exhibition in renown Gu Wu, this Japanese scholar sends museum this photocopy.

Clear and 12 years of October 27 days, osaka harbor set out on a voyage; On November 20, the land on Shanghai; On December

10, li water, on December 11, join Nanjing general attack, on December 13, nanjing is fallen, on December 14, raid Nanjing town

This is to be invaded in those days China Japanese arms wool suffers the 3 journeys that record him to attack dozen of China along with army at that time on banner of one side Japan to record. Wu Xianbin of curator of museum of War of Resistance Against Japan of folk of the brigade head of delegation of this peace, Nanjing tells a reporter, this Japan banner is from Japan a collector place will be bought last year in November. When the war, japanese arms likes to be recorded on Japanese banner very much, serve as a kind of military successes show off. Add this, 3 records had been collected at present in the house at that time Japanese banner of the war.

The Yong Yue that Gu Shoufu writes one of prime culprit of massacre of war criminal of class of second of Japanese Invading Army, Nanjing defeats Nanjing city scroll to also exhibit in the spot. Wu Xianbin says, the record of this word and Japanese army on Japanese banner, become the ironclad proof of Nanjing massacre, the look does not get anybody to deny.

Findings report of massacre of national government Nanjing collects survival attestation

The Nanjing city 1946 joins the central point that findings report makes parliamentary Nanjing massacre case was exhibited that day temporarily. After the War of Resistance Against Japan wins, national government undertook large-scale Japanese army crime is investigated, nanjing city joined a parliament to comprise board of inquiry technically temporarily, undertake investigating to the Nanjing massacre crime of the Japanese army. Collected the attestation of many Nanjing massacre survival among them.

The reporter sees, among them one page is survival land Li Xiuying (the surname that land is Li Xiuying's husband) attestation. Include the injured party among them place of address, be murdered, be murdered is passed now etc. Assassinate plan hurts 33 knives, final faint wait for a description at the ground. Still allude among them, have Shen Wenjun, Gaoanhua additionally two nurses coordinate, show tall lady to assume employee of central hospital control laboratory, ms. Shen lives big Wu Lu inside 30 Chen Zhai, all but attest.

Original title: Japanese a book of tactics believes a record to ever killed body of 30 thousand

Chinese to throw into responsibility of the Yangtse River to edit directly: Read related Zheng Lili: Fuzhou enters citizen of high temperature mode to go out row " fully armed " 2017-07-11 looks for mobile phone neck to come up against Qing Dynasty of blessing of high tension line one high school is unripe die by electrical shock of 10 thousand bend over the wall outside 2017-07-12 10 building drops a brick to break property of car of bad Ao Di to weigh this is natural disaster is not carried duty Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2017-07-13 news recreation

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