Scandal of beautiful couplet boat again exposure: Engine room high temperature sends 4 months big baby to lose consciousness

In report will occupy new network on July 15 central company report, beautiful couplet boat encountered scandal is perplexed once more recently. Passenger Fulansi (Emily France) says, she and 4 sons with old month are tired on the fuggy flight of this company, high temperature lets a baby bear hard, consciousness is lost in mom bosom, this horrible experience lets combine aviation to be faced with critical clamour once more.

" character " magazine website says, this incident will happen in June the last ten-day of a month, fulansi takes the plane of beautiful couplet boat that flies to Aierpasuo in Denver International Airport at that time. Plane defer takes off,

the temperature on machine begins to climb litre, fulansi thinks method lets son Ervine wildly (Owen) is cool.

Fulansi says: I board the plane to discover much heat, I begin to put wet towel on Europe tattoo to want to make him cool. They make sure to us very quick meeting takes off ceaselessly, after flying together, can become cool.

Fulansi waited for 1 many hours, although she steps down a plane 20 minutes to avoid permissibly,heat up, when s

he is entered afresh, temperature still does not have a change.

Her memory says: The plane resembles having the oven of wing. Multiply for nothing after making sure to Fulansi the plane takes off, can become cool, but year young Ervine already be unable to stand, he loses consciousness in mom bosom.

Fulansi says: Those who become mother is to know, at that time I never had heard his cry, the skin color that I see also is had never seen. Then he did not cry again, it is next in my bosom wead and limp.

The member that take for nothing puts ice bag on Ervine's small body, passenger gabble suggests Fulansi takes off Ou Wenyi to take. This is the hour with my worst lifetime, all round me mat, apparent they also do not know how to do.

Fulansi tells good morning the United States: I think at that time the son can be lost in the bosom. Ervine is urgent later send medical service, restore to come over in emergency call room, already returned the home now.

Beautiful couplet boat is this matter excuse in statement, state this should happen far from. We feel regretful, apologize to the experience of our client and her child here. We can continue to investigate accident course, lest happen once more.

Beautiful couplet boat explodes one after another of late give scandal to make media central point, include to will be in airport of Chicago Europe Hai Erguo border to defend contented of 69 years old of passengers greatly forcibly in April procrastinate deplane, and teacher of a Hawaiian middle school is forced to adopting child in the whole journey on machine, because beautiful couplet boat gives backup passenger the seat number of her son.

Responsibility edits: Cao Rui

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