Whole world of figure of Home Pi Youguo investigates: Sino-US be in welcome degree on well_matched

Local time 13 days, american skin investigates the findings of national figure whole world that the center announces to show especially, sino-US be in welcome degree on well_matched. According to network of news of American cable television (CNN) report, will arrive this year in Feburary in May, leather blame center is right the whole world 38 countries 42 thousand sufferred the person that visit to undertake questionnaire is investigated. The result shows, of 49% suffer the person that visit to hold good opinion to the United States, the number proportion that has good opinion to China is 47% . Meanwhile, undesirable rate is Chinese whole world 37% , and the United States is 39% . CNN thinks, al

though the result is adjacent, the vast difference that shows the world to go up in acknowledge however.

Basis the findings of leather blame, russia and Sahala like China most with the African country south. Among them, nigeria is the state that has good opinion most to China, for 72% , russia is 70% , after close therewith. American philtrum breaks up quite to Chinese opinion, the proponent is respectively with the person that criticize 44% with 47% . The Asian country such as Japan and Vietnam is the most negative to Chinese evaluation. CNN says, china is in all the time on the islands conflict problem of Nanhai and the East China Sea beautiful muscle. Korean spend to Chinese good impression for 34% , achieve the history new low. Because this country agrees with deploy Sa heart, warn by Chinese severity. In addition, india and be opposite Indonesianly China good impression

is spent drop apparent also.

The youth of Europe and North America compares father people of a certain kind it seems that people more friendly to China, this kind of circumstance is in England most apparent. The British youth of 62% (18 to 29 years old) have good opinion to China. Appear similarly in Australia, Canada, Holand and United States likewise as a result in sufferring the person that visit.

Opposite at other side, suffer the person that visit to be evaluated to economic respect of China taller. Of 42% suffer the person that visit to think the United States is the world system of the oldest economy, 32% think this one title should give China. The national measure that thinks China is system of world the biggest economy is compared 2014 to the findings of Pi Youzhong heart turned over times 2016. Outside dividing Russia, a few the closest ally of the United States, include Australia, Canada, Germany and England inside suffer the person that visit, think China is system of world the biggest economy.

Leather blame center says, the United States still is the big country of number one economy in global memory, be in especially Latin America, Asia and Sahala with the African country south. This kind of circumstance that thinks China is system of world the biggest economy from 2008 after financial crisis increasingly apparent, nevertheless, anabiosis as American economy, this kind of acknowledge is in callback. CNN judges exposition and argumentation, although Chinese economy is added fast putting delay, but still obtained the right result of 6.7% last year. [Chen Xin of reporter of round-the-world times engage by special arrangement]

Responsibility edits: Zhu Shihui

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