Beautiful Boule passes bill of authorization of national defence of 696.5 billion dollar

Washington of China News Service the bill of authorization of 2018 year national defence that Boule of electric United States will be 696.5 billion dollar 14 days through amount with foudroyant ticket number on July 14.

Boule was held with with 344 tickets that day, the kill that 81 tickets oppose passed bill of authorization of 2018 year national defence. Integrated coverage of media of much home United States, representative of 8 republic parties and representative of 73 the Democratic Parties cast blackball.

This act plans the fundamental budget of expenditure set to be 621.5 billion dollar for the department of defense and energy department nucleus, still allocate funds for abroad lash-up action 75 billion dollar. This excee

ded the total that the government raises Telangpu to be 668 billion dollar not only 2018 national defence budget, also exceeded what passed 2011 " the budget controls a standard " the military expenditure upper limit of 549 billion dollar of the regulation.

American president Telangpu hopes to be in all the time expenditure of cut blame military affairs while raise military expenditure pay considerably, although republic party already was controlled ginseng is numerous two courtyards, but this bill that Boule passes 14 days wants to turn into reality, still must pass two close.

It is senate must pass the bill of national defence authorization with Boule in step, 2 it is to must abolish 2011 " the budget controls a

standard " or adjust its upper limit. This both needs the support of the the Democratic Party. In at present two parties are protected for cure, the instantly with governmental budget vexed proposal, republic party wants to achieve its goal, will must make compromise to the the Democratic Party.

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