A jail produces Guyana staff member of jail of incident of escape from prison 1 dead 7 injuries

In report will occupy new network on July 10 outside intermediary reports 10 days, official of Guyana of South America country shows, capital tall treats honest incident of escape from prison of a jail happening, convic

t is right this establishment arson, escape of success of person of 4 be tortured be tortured, cause get killed of square personnel of a jail, additionally 7 people to get hurt.

Convict obtains firearms and control tall treats honest after this handles installation, cause turmoil, police and fireman cannot enter a prison even at first in.

Muguda expresses a surname of communal and safe minister, convict arson is for the attention of dispersive guard, returning those who say to escape is " severe punishment makes " .

This incident brings abo

ut 8 polices to get hurt, when 1 person is treating bosom bullet wound, hurt among them do not treat again.

Fully armed soldier already defended jail week to meet with strategic position. Police chief Bai Shaode (Seelall Persaud) says, neighbour is in high state of alert.

Current, make besides two severe punishment outside, not clear still other runaway convict identity. Er of Miao of warden a place of strategic importance thises (Gladwin Samuels) says, did not come out to other prisoner gets hurt or die.

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