Day intermediary: How times if wish to be able to produce bridge effect in G20 peak,fail

[Ma Li of reporter of round-the-world network coverage] 20 countries group (G20) peak can be in turn over protectionism and whole world opinion of the collect on the main argument dot such as calefacient countermeasure encountered difficulty. Because be in the course that seeks collective site,this is, bright general government puts forward American spy " the first creed of American " become an obstacle frequently. Japanese joint company says, japanese premier brings times advance 3 although flatter oneself can act the United States and other country between the part of bridge, but fill chasm is not easy thing.

According to joint company report, the

cry that expects Japan undertakes matching between the United States and other country before the meeting is not little. Before Japan ever also emphasized the conference kicking off before long with the European Union (the agreement of economic associate concern that EU) reachs framework agreement (the profit that EPA) brings. Ever the viewpoint thinks, be like Japan " the sense that shows free trade " , american government will compromise.

But conference head day around the whole world in calefacient discussion, beautiful president Telangpu midway exeunts. Sponsor a country German premier Mokeer still points out " the discussion that this is difficulty " etc, although be below G20 frame,the United States also guards the tendency without the change. Japanese intent also fails to come true.

Day intermediary thinks, g20 is when the world such as financial crisis economy app

ears the platform that the dialogue begins when serious problem, but the in-house solidarity of G20 already arose very big shake, become the not stable element with world new economy likely still.

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