Southeast Asia of investment of 2 billion dollar gives drop drop soft silver travel platform Grab

Beijing of China News Service on July 24 report (reporter Zhou Rui) drop drop goes out to announce 24 days to get those who cast southeast Asia to precede to press jointly a

ll right those who need to give travel and shift to pay platform Grab is new round of financing.

According to introducing, drop drop gives travel and soft silver-colored group to will support Grab in order to be as high as investment of strategy of 2 billion dollar to continue aggrandizement precedes mediumly in area Internet economy position, offer safe transportation and financial product for consumer, create new obtain employment and growth opportunity ceaselessly. Nevertheless, drop drop respect did not disclose the contributive scale between its and soft silver.

The data shows, the Grab that headquarters is located in Singapore is one of floating platform with this area vivid highest jerk; Total download quantity exceeds 50 million. The company has the motorcade with our region the largest scale, more than 1.1 million drivers in southeast Asia 65 cities offer 7 countries only express, downwind car, autocycle, taxi and spell the service such as the car. Grab day order is close 3 million, in tripartite taxi taxi market owns the share of 95% , in illicit home car taxi market owns the s

hare of 71% . In December 2016, grab also was rolled out need not the GrabPayCredits of terms of payment full a cost of cash.

Go a few years, the investment cooperation that drop drop gives to devote oneself to to pass diversity all the time all right promotes traffic technology and product innovation, build the open, whole world that can last to give state of travel new student. Since investing Grab first 2015, drop drop already built to cross condition collaboration network, touch amount to North America, southeast Asia, South Asia, South America the world population that 1000 many cities exceed 50% .

Drop drop gives Cheng Wei of an author, CEO to express, the strategic associate of drop drop and Grab concerns to be deepened further, witness bilateral base oneself upon adequately to develop the sharpest market at the world, devote oneself to to disentomb mainland changes innovation plan to grow a challenge in order to answer the city of global sex. Drop drop expects with the Asia each company group reach policy constitutor to give full cooperation, the tremendous opportunity of the contain in embracing prospective transportation industry adequately to change.

Grab group CEO and associated author Chen Bingyao express, below the support of these two enterprises, grab will continue to consolidate in the market position that shares a travel field to precede absolutely, go up in this foundation, the shift that lets GrabPay make first selection of southeast Asia area pays a solution. In future, expect to be entered in all hand in hand together with these two main partners.

Original title: Southeast Asia of investment of 2 billion dollar gives drop drop soft silver responsibility of travel platform Grab edits: Ji Wei dimension

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