Europe discusses the conference to grow: Defer England impossibly to take off the negotiation of Europe agreement

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In report will occupy new network on July 17 outside intermediary report, aodayani expresses Anthony of European parliament speaker, the European Union won't defer the opportunity that negotiates about undertaking England exits an European Union to London respect.

Dayani expresses, we cannot more time use put apart at negotiating. We plan to be in finished before European election 2019. He is in Spain " the pioneer signs up for " the reporter is interviewed in answered this one question.

He expresses, if London does not offer British homeland to the person of 3 million Europea

n Unions that lives in England,citizen place has some power, european parliament will put forward to object to this one agreement. Dayani thinks, must will be in this one agreement was finished to serve as the mainest task before the bottom 2017.

After England exits an European Union, the living condition that European Union dweller is in England will be the mainest content of the negotiation, both sides plans to will undertake in Brussels on July 17. Overall and character, the negotiation that Aodayani is opposite Anthony to exit an European Union at present expresses hopeful.

According to Lisbon treaty the 50th sets, after England is announcing to exit two years of the European Union, exit an European Union formally on March 29, 2019 namely.

Original title: Europe discusses the confe

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