Newyork city one police dies in patron wagon by pop

Report will occupy new York of China News Service on July 5 American media message, newyork city police of a female 5 days of before dawn meet with inside patron wagon gangster pop, the head gets shot, after sending medical service, do not treat die.

According to " new York Times " report, be murdered police is called Misuodisi Fomiliya (Miosotis Familia) , it is 48 years old, from alarm 12 years, it is the mother of 3 children. Accident place is located in Newyork city cloth Lang Kesi area east 183 streets and Kelaisidu near the highway. Controlled 5 days 0:30, be on duty the Fomiliya that period of time is about to end sits in a command car. Right now the murderer goes to the side of patron wagon, through deputy drive the car window of a side opened one gun to Fomiliya, hit her head. Fomiliya

's partner instantly call come to help, fomiliya is sent emperor subsequently cling to take cling to hospital rescue, but still be announced to die after 3 hours.

Debulaxiao of Newyork city mayor and Zhanmusi O'Neil of director of Newyork city police station held a press conference in the hospital. O'Neil discloses, when the murderer shoots, fomiliya is filling in inside patron wagon that day be on duty record. He says, the basis has news, this incident is be aimed at a police together " atttack without reason " . Debulaxiao expressed to mourn to be murdered of Buddha Mi Liya, praise she fulfils his duty to defend Newyork

city safety responsible.

Broadcasting Corporation of American whole nation (NBC) report says, the murderer is at present of Alexander · state (Alexander Bonds) , he escapes instantly after do violence the spot, but in tegument of a block intercept of additionally one group of polices. State at present draws out a revolving pistol to point to a police in confront each other, constabulary immediately shot dead state at present. According to the report, there still is a passerby to be hit by stray bullet in incident, but insensate danger, had accepted treatment in the hospital at present.

The particular motive of do violence of state at present still is among investigation. Daily press weighs new York, state at present has multinomial criminal record before this, include to peddle poison and assault police to wait. According to the information that new York police releases, state thises 2006 because be in Xue Cheng (rob a case of Syracuse) to be sentenced 8 years together. Serve a sentence 6 years after 10 0 months, state at present obtained parole 2013, surveillance period arrives till May 2018. He once carried book of gregarious website face 2016 (Facebook) releases several paragraphs to send video oneself, content is more be hostile to or the opinion on public affairs of minatory police. Because American law sets to hold firearms is not gotten during parole, police is tracing the origin of handgun of state at present at present. (Be over)

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