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Original title: Japan is rolled out " shopping section " attract foreigner China tourist to give priority to body

According to Japan new overseas Chinese signs up for network coverage, go to day of consumption to attract tourist of more foreign country, pull move Japanese economy growth, recently, japanese sightseeing hall travels hand in hand relevant group face is rolled out to foreign tourist " activity of Japanese shopping section " . Went to total expenditure of tourist of day foreign country 2012 1.08 million yen (add up to) of sixty billion nine hundred and sixty-two million yuan of RMBs about, relatively the year before last year grows 34% , 1/4 what the expenditure of chinese mainland tourist holds total expenditure. Predict, ch

inese tourist will become Japan to hold shopping section to draw the principal part of foreign tourist.

On November 19, the organization announces related Japanese travel, will roll out " Japanese shopping section " activity, the face publicizes Japanese shopping glamour to foreign tourist. Japanese sightseeing hall is magisterial long protected an adult to also attend a news briefing.

Went to day of chinese mainland tourist to be consumed in day 2012 (include to shop, food and accommodation) amount reachs 268.8 billion yen (add up to) of sixteen billion three hundred and seventy-four million yuan of RMB about, first w

hat occupy each country and area. Chinese mainland tourist is successive 3 years of head the list.

Japanese travel and retail trade group will come from December 1, 2013 in Feburary 2014, 9 wait in Tokyo, Osaka, Fu Gang government office county makes an appointment with 200 places to conduct this activity in all, attract foreign tourist.

"Japanese shopping section " the activity is mixed by Japanese sightseeing hall Japan's biggest travel company establishs " society of Japanese shopping travel " sponsor. The general merchandise inn that the city such as Tokyo, Osaka and blessing ridge encircles and shopping centers will enter an activity. (Gui Ling of Guo of Chinese news network)

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Login register midnight of city of Florida of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: of origin of incident of black of pop of police of recurrent white man? Travel hill?2014-12-10 08:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Florida city fuzz of a white man 8 days of midnight shoot local time, maul the black of a theft.

Original title: Incident of black of pop of police of American recurrent white man executes the law sectional investigation

Late on December 8, new York black overcomes Ghana to clutch the remonstrant wave that terminal case causes larynx to had lasted in butcher dust 6 night. The graph is the police that is on duty inside central railway station. China News Service sends Ruan Yulin to photograph

According to Singapore " associated morning paper " 10 days of reports, the United States produces case of black of bullet wound of white ma

n fuzz again. Florida city fuzz of a white man 8 days of midnight shoot local time, maul a bare-handed, black that sits on car of a have things stolen.

Deming of superintendent of Ao Lanzhi county is in Florida city say on the press conference: I adjure each keep one's hair on, the absurd before investigating an end leaves final conclusion.

The Deming that is African descendant likewise is in of leader of 6 blacks community accompany next holding press conference. He expresses, investigation personnel discovers the affidavit of main eyewitness and shooting fuzz McCarthy has some of discrepancy.

According to the report of local media, 8 days of midnight are in McCarthy the car that the discovery before an apartment reports the loss. Eyewitness says, they see two suspects inside the car, they walk out of day of day of the both hands when the car. However, mcCarthy opened 3 guns however, among them one gun hit Ba


Deming says, baerte did not abide by McCarthy's directive, make a lot of weird motions, mcCarthy stems from safe reason and shoot.

He expresses, condition of Ba Er spy is critical, another suspect did not get hurt, accept the investigation of police at present.

Deming says, because domestic near future produces case of black of shoot dead of white man fuzz many cases, accordingly he hopes this press conference can be clear about the course that tells a thing.

This incident has been handed in execute the law by Florida sectional investigation, and McCarthy will be moved toward civil service branch a week.

Early before the United States nots the remonstrant wave that case dark case causes had be notted appease, big jury of new York court make adjudication again last week, the white man police that strangles black man in new York is avoided suffer after sueing, american each district produces remonstrant demonstrate generally.

Besides these two adjudication, the United States also produces a police a few cases to harm bare-handed black incident recently, phyletic concern of your United States is further nervous, cause a police to execute the law at the same time the controversy of overspend force.

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International is online message: England referred application formally to join to China last week inferior cast confirm letter all right, also drove more national itch to try. Hong Lei of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses 17 days on routine press conference, the country that square welcome wishs of purpose in is joined as virgin member country inferior cast row.

Inferior casting is an open, included multilateral investment orgnaization all right. Of country of region inside and outside take an active part in will be helpful for reflecting inferior cast of travel extensive representative. Just wish in as square as each a joint efforts, will inferior cast make realize win-win of each square mutual benefit and professional and efficient infrastructure to invest platform all right, for area infrastructure construction and economic progress make contribution.

England announces to plan to become before this inferior cast the intent of travel virgin member country, become first application to join inferior join the main west state of travel. Subsequently, the country such as Korea, Au

stralia, France expresses to be opposite in succession join inferior cast have fun at all right and intent. France, Germany and Italy are joined according to saying to already agreed inferior cast row. Australian premier Abote says 14 days, bay will be in next week make a decision. Korea government or will give out at whether be being joined at closing before lunar base final result. And Japan states of short duration takes no account of application to join clearly.

(Original t

itle: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: More country just welcomes to join in inferior cast row)

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