Besides a person of extraordinary powers Che Di does obeisance to police to want to deploy nobody to drive again patron wagon

Had had the world the A couplet chief of a tribe of motorcade of the the fastest, most luxurious patron wagon enlighten do obeisance to police to change eye to a new clothes to have -- nobody drive patron wagon.

This kind nobody drive patron wagon is very small, about 1.2 meters long, 0.6 meters wide, weigh 125 kilogram only. Although highest speed per hour is only 15 kilometers, the active service patron wagon that far be not a patch on comprises by super racing bike, but its function is powerful, deploy 360 degrees of high-definition camera, infra-red into wait like scanner of device, laser, portable even an unmanned aircraft.

It is developed by company of a Singapore. Manufacturer says, it is empty amphibious of land of global head money outdoors and safe robot.

Network of news of American cable television (CNN)6 every cite enl

ighten if doing obeisance to police officer to breath out Lide Nasaier Lazuqi, report, this nobody drive patron wagon will be used at the person facial identifying, search suspicion car and discovery doubtful article. Once have thread, it can inform direct of the center not only, still can convey information to the mobile phone on special software. Manufacturer says, enlighten do obeisance to police in principle to agree, order before 2020 most 100, every price 10 thousand dollar.

Enlighten do obeisance to police the plan comes true before 2030 alarm 25% robots turn the line. This nobody drive patron wagon is only " mere trifle " . Lazuqi tells CNN in interview before, the company such as police plan and tesla cooperates, impl

ementation " nobody drive police of patron wagon embarking robot " combination. (Hui Xiaoshuang) [Xinhua News Agency is small stalk of grain especially]

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