Zhang Ying glume is missing exposure of detail of case incident details of a case: Suspect or ever kidnapped her to apartment

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Original title: The most entire details of a case announces proposal of Zhang Ying glume, suspect or ever kidnapped her to apartment!

Evening will announce the FBI on June 30, had arrested to be suspected of kidnapping China visits a scholar the man of Zhang Ying glume. The FBI expresses, believe Zhang Ying glume has died.

As we have learned, be suspected of kidnapping this man name of Zhang Ying glume is Bolantekelisitengsen (individual data) , come from Illinois. He will appear in court first on July 3 be on trial be on trial.

Suspect or ever Zhang Ying clever kidnap comes apartment

The confession of a court that reporter of Xinhua News Agency receives shows, investigation personnel will discover Kelisitengsen is a doubt to be like vehicle of experience thing car on June 12 advocate, had inquiry to him.

To case hair that day (on June 9) track, at first answers Kelisitengsen to was not remembered, turn over a mouth to say to sleep in the home all the day or play game later.

Via investigating personnel farther reconnaissance is compared right, the Zhang Ying in affirming black Saturn car of Kelisitengsen is monitoring kinescope namely clever the takes finally car before be missing.

On June 15, when overcoming Lisitengsen to accept FBI personnel ask for an explanation in Shang Peien, denied his 12 affidavit content.

He corrects oneself say, oneself were in university of Yi Linuo Yi to strategic point really 9 days that day Ba Na - school of Shang Peien cent drives, encounter to need those who go to an appointment to hurry on with one's journey inferior descendants female, provide the help that build a car then. But because road is medium abduct fault is curved, this Wei Yayi's female begins panic, oneself jockey let this female get off.

However, to its mobile phone and abode make after ransacking, discover after the FBI, kelisitengsen ever will be searched on the website this year in April browse about carrying out the content of staking and abduct. Investigation personnel still discovers its car deputy drive a side door to pass those who be not general strength

to clean apparently, show the suspect is likely the intent is concealed or evidence of destroy by melting or burning.

Since June 16, the FBI begins to carry out monitoring to Kelisitengsen, get significant evidence finally at 29 days: A paragraph of word that overcomes Lisitengsen to describe his how to Zhang Ying glume brings back apartment and will lock up compulsively is monitored to set priming to fall. The United States executes the law the orgnaization decides finally to be carried out to him capture.

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