Japanese a chain of islands " erase " ! Korea " alone insular rubber " heat sells

One is declared alone island (Japan weighs Zhu Dao) of dominion " alone insular rubber " in Korea heat sells, 1 year of work off 10 thousand. This " alone insular rubber " on imprinting Japanese map, write with Han Wen on the side: "Alone the island is us! " creation just says to design this rubber is to want " erase Japan a chain of islands " .

"Alone insular rubber " 6 centimeters long, 4 centimeters wide, price 1000 Han Yuan (add up to) of 6 yuan of RMBs about. Korea " Korea daily " 28 days of reports, create motivation, the person that rubber creates says on gregarious media: "Since Japan all the time clamour alone the island is them, with respect to Rangribenlie then the island disappears... alone the island is territory of big Han the Republic of China! With respect to Rangribenlie then the island disappears... alone the island is territory of big Han the Republic of China!!

"Alone insular rubber " brand shop " alone insular stationer " be located in Korea to celebrate island of Shang Beidao Yu Ling inside a bakery, sell technically with alone the souvenir that the island concerns and stationery, include to imprint perch is in alone of the island rare use bag of floral environmental protection, notebook, sign paper and water cup. This bakery sells the bread that makes with prepared Chinese ink of squid of gloomy hill island at the same time, buy biscuit of squid prepared Chinese ink to will

be obtained freely give " alone insular rubber " .

Since put on sale, "Alone insular rubber " already sold inside 1 year give 10 thousand. Stationer is planning now new edition " alone insular rubber " .

Alone the island is located in to the south of island of hill of maritime space of Korea peninsula the eastpart part, gloomy, control actually by Korea now, county of hill of gloomy of Qing Shangbei path returns on administration administe

r. Korea, Korea, Japan all advocates to this one islands has dominion. Japan says alone the island is Zhu Dao, county of root putting in an island 's charge administer. Insular root county will be annual will be surely on Feburary 22 " Zhu Dao day " . Han Fang will be every year surely on October 25 " alone insular day " , declare dominion through ascending the other form such as the island. (Liu Xiuling) [Xinhua News Agency is small stalk of grain especially]

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