World cup of international sufficient couplet Japan of findings report of practice bribery at an election gives Bulate gift of high specified number

In report will occupy new network on June 29 outside intermediary report, international sufficient couplet (FIFA)27 day is whole announced mixed 2018 the probe of suspicion of practice bribery at an election of two world cups reported 2022. About applying the Japan that the world cup lost an election 2022, the report says Japan pulled special grade to give to the cloth of chairman of international sufficient couplet at that time be equivalent to 50 thousand yen (add up to a RMB about 3000 yuan) the gift to 190 thousand yen, exceeded the amount that sets i

n application regulation.

Should be in charge of the requirement of the FIFA ethics committee of investigation, japan is sufficient assist submitted the data such as the receipt at that time, discover from which except to Bulate outside, the house that still pulled the 10 people above such as Buddhist nun of the base of a fruit and Hayatu to give value not to poor to the director general at that time is long fir carven is ligneous football, for its at the same time the wife prepared bag and headgear.

Japan is sufficient assist chairman Tiandaoxingsan expresses 28 days: The conclusion that FIFA gives out is not to have those who damage application fairness sex to lift. I think this is the problem that has solved.

The report that applies about Japan is shorter, only 3 pages length, but about ran a country 2022 the report of Qatar is as long as 120 pages above. Listed in the report a lot of in order to get ready from which the fact of benefit, include Qatar financial group of company of of the royal blood, resources, sports hold the position of sponsor of African sufficient couplet, and participate in natural gas to give oral sex to wait e

asily with the close friend of FIFA director. The report thinks, afore-mentioned circumstances may set with FIFA ethics and apply regular balance to touch, but the conclusion that did not reach this is Qatar applies successful and immediate cause.

Organizing committee of Qatar world cup makes a statement say: The contributive rate that our exchange checks and (the innocence that the conclusion card that FIFA) reachs understands us to apply a process.

The report was referred 2014, but FIFA was not over all the time whole announce, conclude only say to was mixed 2018 two world cups applied a process 2022 and do not have misgivings. Up to newspaper of 26 days of Germany takes report full text alone this month, FIFA published report full text then, intercurrent watch statement says to welcome to be ensure diaphaneity and the fact that is able to announce.

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