Seismic latest news today: ? Earthquake of class of? of Liu of generation of whetstone Pao band did not cause personal casualty

In report will occupy new network on June 27 coverage of Russia satellite network, survey department says Russia geology, local time 27 days day, russian reconnaissance is added 5 class earthquake happens near the coast.

The report say

s, this earthquake happens in rare bitter fleabane on the Pacific Ocean on Si Jihai horn, the epicenter is located in can examine to add those to get Luobafuluofusike to the south of city 154 kilometers, focus deepness 25 kilometers.

Survey department says Russian geology, can examine adds those to get shake of a few areas to feel intense, reach 2 level.

Add the information that emergency ministry minister provides border area area according to Russia reconnaissance, this earthquake did not cause personal casualty and belongings loss, did not issue the announcement with minat

ory seismic sea wave.

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