Korea suspends project of nuclear power plant already throwing nearly one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] according to Korea " Korea daily " 28 days of reports, did Korea government decide to suspend nuclear power plant of new Gu Li a few days ago 5? 6 aircrew build a project, decide within 3 months whether reopen. The report says, this is Korea since developing nuclear cable project 46 years 1971 oneself, suspend nuclear power plant building a project first. As we have learned, nuclear power plant of new Gu Li 5? 6 aircrew build a project from last year in June since start working, 28.8% what had completed a project, threw 1 million money of 600 billion Han (add up to) of 9.6 billion RMB about.

Korea government holds state conference 27 days, the decision is comprised by the crossbencher that is not the sources of energy, nuclear power plant " public opinion turns committee " gather public opinion, be decided finally again by citizen jury.

But at present, citizen jury has not been decided by composition of how many person, what person after all. After citizen jury makes conclusions, be in charge of program of the end after ministry of resource of have trade relations of sectional Korea industry considers the issue such as law by nuclear power plant again. Expert of a few energy puts forward to criticize an opinion to say to

this, the government does not give nuclear report expert the power to make decisions that nuclear power plant builds, give however in average citizen hand, how many some are irresponsible. How many some are irresponsible..

As we have learned, korea president Wen Zaiyin is entering into an election contest period with respect to Ceng Chengnuo, according to " the report that take off a nucleus " convention, suspend nuclear power plant of new Gu Li 5? 6 aircrew build a project. This month 19 days, wen Zaiyin still attended Gu Li a set is permanent shut announce a ceremony. Its express in the speech, the new nuclear power plant that cancels to preparing in the round builds a plan, prolong the design life of nuclear power plant no longer. S

ay, new government will ensure nuclear power station safety regards the important safety that decides the country lives or die as the problem.

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