Close to Guan Min of Japan of collective economy activity investigates a group to will go to islands of day Russia controversy

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In report will occupy new network on June 27 day intermediary report, japanese government is in day of Russia to come true of controversy islands " collective econo

my activity " , 27 days will send Guan Min to investigate a group to go to place this month.

Data chart: Day Russia head holds a talk before this

It is reported, investigation group will be in up to national hind, Etorofu and lubricious red are headed for inside 5 days of July 1 3 islands, with fishery, aquatic product treatment and sightseeing domain are a center, just discuss the possibility that implements a project with Russia. It is this around collective economy activity investigate on the spot first.

The report says, japan hopes to pass implementation collective econom

y activity, drive remand northward 4 islands (Russia says south 1000 islands archipelago) reach sign peaceful treaty to negotiate to make progress somewhat. But because premise is,must not damaging the day Russia both sides that advocates to north 4 islands have dominion of legal footing " special system " next carrying out, predicting future will experience twists and turns.

According to the report, day just investigates a group to grow Gu Chuanrong to be colonel with Japanese premier assistant, by foreign affairs enterprise of folk of province and province of aricultural aquatic product, Hokkaido reachs the controller such as the organization to make an appointment with 70 people composition. Presently square will by actual administer northward state governor division heats up the Sahalin of 4 islands rice subfamily attend.

For this, japanese premier installs times advance 26 days 3 to interview long Gu Chuan and cadre of foreign affairs province to wait in official mansions, listened to as honest as Russia harmonious case to wait for a report.

Day just investigates a group to will take hire ship to set out from harbor of Hokkaido root room 27 days morning local time, head for Kunashiri above all and just compare notes with respect to project plan with Russia. 28 days are cent many groups, inspect establishment of aquatic product processing factory and medical treatment, sightseeing respectively. 29 schedule of the day head for Etorofu island, 30 days enter lubricious red island, will return a room on July 1.

Share 32 enterprises and organization to join investigation group, come from Japanese Hokkaido mostly. It is reported, this is to be based on " should carry out conduce to stimulative north 4 islands draw near the project that the area promotes " local desire.

This investigation activity and north 4 islands former insular the pay respects to sb at his tomb that wait and free visit are identical, reach Russia visa with needing a passport " avoid visa to visit " means undertakes.

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