Ethiopia premier Haiermaliyamu interviews Wang Yi of Chinese Foreign Minister

China News Service inferior Siyabeiba on June 21 report (reporter Song Fangcan) on June 21, ethiopia premier Haiermaliyamu is in inferior Siyabeiba interviews the Chinese Foreign Minister that visitting formally in the Ethiopia Wang Yi.

Wang Yi says, lead jointly in two countries leader, in recent years in dust the concern grows quickly in the round, strode 3 step continuously: Dust a place of strategic importance becomes Central Africa to produce the country of foretaste of go ahead of the rest that can cooperate above all, already obtained remarkable result, produce favorable demonstrative effect; Dust a place of strategic importance is become then build in all " one belt all the way " close partner, bilateral butt joint develops the strategy, mutual benefit collaboration greets new perspective; Two countries relation promotes again now for overall strategy partner, made clear the target that bilateral future struggles jointly.

Wang Yi says, current and important is an overall strategy partner the relation falls to real point. For this, just wish to be in in 6 big fields are preferential deepen bilateral collaboration: It is to begin administer a country communication of manage politics experience, supportive dust just takes the development way that accords with oneself national condition, in involve issue of interest of each other core to go up to support each other; 2 it is to strengthen safe cooperation, supportive dust square promotion fears instead, safe

dimension certain competence; 3 it is to advance produce can cooperate, aid force dust to just accelerate industrialized process, implementation can develop continuously independently; 4 it is to strengthen manpower resource cooperation, the talent of modernization of manpower resource translate into that abounds dust a place of strategic importance; 5 it is

to strengthen the burgeoning domain such as aviation to cooperate, make area aviation key position, stimulative personnel come-and-go; 6 be strengthen on international and area problem communicate harmonious, defend two countries and developing country common interest.

Haiermaliyamu says, congratulate ardently above all " one belt all the way " the positive result of plentiful and substantial that the success of forum of international collaboration height is held and obtains. The talk that Chairman Xi Jinping publishs on forum is very serious, the development difficult problem that to defeat solution current each country faces offerred Chinese program. After I go back to the motherland, enjoin dust a place of strategic importance is departmental the door grinds seriously read, specific the new field that combs a bilateral collaboration and new move, in wishing to be the same as as soon as possible, square concerned branch is begun exchange views further. Dust a place of strategic importance wishs with be being built in all " one belt all the way " for chance, advance economy of dust a place of strategic importance to accelerate transition to upgrade. Dust a place of strategic importance is honoured to become overall strategy partner of China very much, this develops infuse for two countries relation main motive force. In acknowledgment of dust a place of strategic importance square long-term since right dust square support a help energetically, the domain of 6 big preferential collaboration that just puts forward in complete approve of, dust just will strengthen interior to coordinate, item-by-item and in square butt joint, drive these preferential collaboration domains to obtain positive positive result at an early date. (Be over)

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