Have not enough time to groom global aviation industry or be faced with " aircraft division barren "

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] according to Singapore " associated morning paper " will report on June 21, the report points out, increase what measure as the passenger ceaselessly, global business needs ability of division of 255 thousand many aircraft to handle demand in the estimation before 2027 with aviation industry, but the place of above of half the number needs aircraft division to still did not begin to accept now groom.

Groom for global airline the CAE Inc20 day of aircraft division publishs a report to say, the high emeritus rate of the rapid expansion of aircraft group and aircraft division, also mean need a promotion of division of 180 thousand deputy aircraft to be aircraft division, the any that this demand prep above goes 10 years.

Aircraft division association of the United States says, the firewood fulfil of introductory class position is too low pass with welfare little, it is the partial consideration that prevents young generation to make aircraft division.

Be in the United States, groom demand also is one big obstacle. The United States is the flight experience that the whole world provides deputy aircraft division exclusively, cannot pass the 1500 nations of the hour less. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) revises the global criterion below is, the flight experience that the deputy aircraft division that makes business use an aircraft needs to make an appointment with 250 hours only, the lowermost standard that makes aircraft division is flight time of 1500 hours.

The United States is 2009 root of American division Er 3407 airliners crashing incident brings about airline after 50 people are murdered, rose to fly to deputy aircraft division the requirement of experience.

Although aircraft division associatio

n thinks to should ask to be able to pr

omote aviation transportation safety, but regional airline and expert of a few aviation think however, this besides won't make the flight becomes safer besides, also aggravate problem of aircraft division shortage, make groom the process is longer and costlier. (The exercitation edits: Zhou Saimin examine and verify: Tan Liya)

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