Telangpu carries family head to go to Davy battalion to spend the family is recreational on the weekend dress up grab lens

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does Telangpu carry family head to go to Davy battalion to spend is the family recreational on the weekend dress up: of the origin that grab lens? M food?2017-06-18 15:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel

Abroad net on June 18 Telangpu of president of electric United States since the beginning of the year since assuming office, take presidential private plane for many times " aircraftman date " the sea lake that reachs a Dazhou in Yu Foluo is manorial go vacationing. Becaus

e flight pay wages or salaries is huge, add strengthen security personnel to be caused to palmy beach local mobbish and often be blamed. According to Hong Kong " east net " report, telangpu recently act out of normal behaviour, he is taking wife plum to pull Ni Ya and young son Ba Lun to arrive first battalion spends Davy on the weekend, also look forward to to be able to spend the father's day with an opposite fine illicit at the same time.

The United States adds up to numerous international company to also report say, a 3 people are in Telangpu, Meilaniya and Ba Lun the left and right sides left the White House to be ascended at 11 o'clock 17 days morning local time " Marine Corps " the president is special helicopter, fly to be located in Maryland city western a mountainous area American president government goes vacationing ground Davy battalion.

Because be to go vacationing, telangpu was not wearing the business affairs of complete set to be being installed, wearing however get white shirt, suit and did not make tie. Its wife plum pulls Ni Ya to wear skirt of shallow blue summer, their son is the knickers that put on accept of England team A Sen.

Official of the White House shows, accompany Telangpu without any senior officials one is in Davy battalion pass the night. They plan to be returned in 18 days of evening.

Add up to numerous international company to still express, although wear the mobile phone inside dimension battalion to serve special how terrible, but since rose 2002, bureau of communication of the White House received broadband Internet inside all buildings of this ground, so that make although the president also can be communicated in the round with the outside when rest, even if hair pushing also won't be what tickler especially.


"East net " express, the official name of the battalion that wear dimension is Semengtemei the country is naval assist establishment (The Naval Support Facility Thurmont) . It is the off ground of American president, be located in in fred of American Maryland city the Kaituoketing that overcome a county inside hill park, be apart from Washington special zone 113 kilometers, cover an area of 125 acre, take helicopter to set out to need 30 minutes only from the White House.

The build that wear dimension 1938, the earliest the off ground that is American government official, become the special sanatorium of the American president small Luo Sifu that has a poliomyelitis later. 1953, eisenhower president this off ground is incognito for Davy battalion; Davy is the name of Eisenhower grandchildren. (put together is made up / abroad net Zhang Ni)

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