Colombian president expresses to will do his best capture explosive criminal

Mexico of Xinhua News Agency city on June 17 report (reporter Pei Jian allows) big news of wave elder brother: Shopping centers inspects the Andinuo that Colombian president Sangtuosi heads for big north of wave elder brother 17 days to produced explosion that day late. He says, elder brother government will adopt everything try sb of measure general convict.

Sangtuosi says, convict made explosive event inside the female wa

shroom of bazaar, "This is the behavior with disgraceful, atrocious, cowardly meanness " . He still says, the government will take step, ensure won't recurrent simil

ar horror assaults incident.

After the accident, colombia two turn over a government to arm greatly " Colombian revolution armament " " Colombian nation liberation army " , already all condemned this explosion incident through gregarious media.

Still do not have any organizations and individual to allege at present made event of this detonate blast.

Shopping centers produces the Andinuo with big elder brother of Colombian capital wave 17 days explosion, already caused death of at least 3 people, 9 people to get hurt, the dead includes female of a France and two Colombia woman.

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