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The sound that occupies China " news late height " report, this name has had card grace some of time had not appeared in news, of course, this also is news rule, a thing can fade out of the eye shot of media gradually as the elapse of time. Do not have friendly intercourse to will begin tomorrow, card favour will make the central point that numerous media pays close attention to again.

Compere: Between the direct seeding that edits Yao Yi bank to had sat in us now in.

Compere: Yao Yi bank, why the central point that will card favour make media pay close attention to again tomorrow?

Yao Yi bank: Actually I do not say everybody can think of the likelihood, it is to block favour sex to invade for certain case have newest progress. Right, tuesday, namely acquired, favour of card of the president before international Monetary Fund is suspected of a gender invading hotel air hostess one case will once more sessional. Nevertheless, the inquisitor of new York place that is in charge of this case expresses, zhou Yi general to sit a meeting, will see air hostess about Diyaluo. Diyaluo's lawyer thinks: See the likelihood means new York check this about square will part or it is to nolle prosequi entirely. Because if do not nolle prosequi, the procuratorate was not necessary to be before open a court session, special see Diyaluo about. Nevertheless, check square spokesman rejects to publish a comment at this point. Censorial Ka Lun warns new York before, not excessive unscramble this meeting, this is very normal, also be a convention.

Compere: How many does the possibility that you feel to block favour case to nolle prosequi have?

Reporter: In light of current condition, the possibility that nolle prosequi still is quite big actually, say the possibility that nolles prosequi partly is very large at least, because at present till, card favour case has only so a decisive witness, the other testimony of a witness that puts forward during and material evidence are not had conclusive. Explode before this witness however gave credit scandal, this is in the United States that pays attention to credit extremely society, serve as the decisive witness of a so important ca

se especially, on credit be short of break affirmative meeting to sell at a discount greatly to this cognizance.

According to France a newest civilian attune, be passed before after the card favour that runs for the presidency of purpose is immersed in scandal, sakeqi's support is led from the nadir on the history from 28% rise to 29% .

Compere: Rose a percent. Such looking does the political future of calorie of favour meet what guess like people do not have a predestined relationship with the president in that way?

Yao Yi bank: I feel won't be such, because if remove case, so card favour will be ann

ounced innocent release, come up besides legal principle telling him will be innocent, in the eye of a lot of Hesperian, he also is innocent, may be innocent even. And the president of international Monetary Fund he affirms this position is to answer did not go, plot is about to say by affirmation, you look, lajiade comes up, card favour case with respect to finish, where is this plot that itself is the United States? And the French that regards original opposite more repellent United States as culture, the card favour that sees oneself was tied by the United States a fall, can sympathize with to blocking favour generation from this, support what change didymous card favour to this kind of alleged resentment of the United States?

Compere: Do exactly the opposite.

Yao Yi bank: Yes, we also see now, it is a chairman originally, the card favour that business suit change walks on, great during adjudgement vicissitudes of life, hair grey, complexion is gaunt, once card favour became innocent body, the compassion that he can obtain it may not be a bad idea, support it may not be a bad idea, regular meeting becomes a strong support, the civilian attune before, we had seen, the supportive rate of card favour is about division of prep above Sa is neat. Plus the European Union now finance, europe is whole now is everybody highs oneself, having the card grace of setting of chairman of international Monetary Fund, what can win authority certainly is trustful, once card favour is innocent,release accordingly, so the person that card favour will become strong president to enter into an election contest.

Compere: So card favour sex is invaded of the case once more sessional result is very important.

Reporter: Right.

Responsibility edits: Hdwmn_ctt

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 上海龙凤1314Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does Aobama say the United States will send force of more air force to garrison does Estonia emphasize a war federal source: ? ?2014-09-04 10:0 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Aobama still emphasizes saying, the quick response unit that north briefs will be patulous the air base to Estonia.

In report will occupy new network on September 4 Russia website reports 3 days now, during American president Aobama is visitting Estonia, say the United States will expedite force of more air force to garrison this country. Aobama still emphasizes saying, the quick response unit that north briefs will be patulous the air base to Estonia.

After having meeting with Estonian president Yierweisi, aobama held a press conference in place, he expressed to communicate the concerned view of alliance of western military affairs with Estonian respect, still describing this kind of alliance is indestructible, cannot shake, concern permanently continuously.

American president Aobama and Aishaniya's president Yierweisi.

Estonia won't be isolated without aid, complement says Aobama.

The point of view that the Yierweisi before this opinion on public affairs of Aobama responded to this expresses to media, namely Estonian welcome north makes an appointment with army to garrison this state is territorial. Base is not the military affairs that north makes an appointment with to have only permanent and blame is permanent two kinds, this kind of wrong message the person that we do not hope to deliver potential menace.

According to the report, each country is made an appointment with in north in, only 2% what the martial expenditure of 4 coun

tries achieved GDP, and the United States and Estonia are among them two. Below the situation that in north meeting agreement a peak is about to hold, the United States, ounce country stuff will be on the conference discuss Wu Kelan crisis with other member country, urge other country to increase martial expenditure.

Before this on August 28, north announces satellitic picture to claim about, force of Russia military affairs builds up area of Wu Kelan the eastpart part. But Kenashenkefu of spokesman of Russia department of defense expresses, north makes an appointment with this kind of evidence very funny, what Russia just did not respond to is necessary.

Nearly a few months come, north publishs Russia army evidence about this kind of truism often appears on media, still similar England expert says, but the result of backside of this kind of opinion on public affairs is the research that is without a basis however, without any fact

ual basises, kenashenkefu says.

Arrive at Estonian capital in Aobama after tower forest before long, 3 days, beijing of Russia president general and Shen Ke of Wukelan's president pineapple realized cease-fire to reach consensus with respect to Wu Kelan, both sides discussed to appease the measure of condition further.

Peisikefu of Russian president spokesman says, how does dynast of Russian black two countries stop ministry of Wu Kelan southeast to bleed as soon as possible the problem such as conflict exchanged an opinion. He still expresses, the viewpoint with pineapple Shen Ke reached general Beijing to agree greatly.

(Original title: Aobama says beautiful air man will support Estonia to emphasize a war affined)

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