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Netease sports will report on March 10:

Beijing time on March 10, li Shishi and man-machine of AlphaGo of cereal song go 5 bureaus big fight in match of the 2nd bureau, li Shishi again in dish lose, alphaGo is current 2-0 is banner. Begin from yesterday, go becomes the whole world to heat up search vocabulary once more. But go is to compare complex intellective campaign relatively, a lot of fan are ardent perhaps audience, do not understand go. Below small write an option 8 big at present most the go terminology of heat, make a few simple introductions for everybody.

Outspread read: Man-machine big fight is oppugned must not loot chief judge refutes a rumor: The hope respects Li Shishi doubtful point of big fight of 2016 go man-machine: Li Shishi why the moment of truth not who is loot Ke Jie? Why so fire? Man-machine big fight has check of what breathtaking ana

Fierce battle of man-machine big fight mankind of to one's heart's content represents Li Shishi 2 be defeated repeatedly

One, go (Go)

Go is a kind of politic sex two people chess kind game, china weighs play chess in ancient times, western name Go. Popular at East Asia country (medium, day, Han) , painting and calligraphy of the chess that belong to musical instrument 4 art one of. Go traceable the China before 2500, pass for Monarch Yao make, times of age the Warring States has account namely. Korea of the classics when Sui Tang passes into Japan, circulate Euramerican each country. The scholar thinks, go accumulate the rich connotation that contains culture of move Chinese people, be Chinese culture and civilization reflect.

The chessboard of go

2, star (Starpoint)

Standard go chessboard form is a square, in any case of submit a written statement to a higher authority each 19 parallel, form 361 crossing. Among them nine crossing uses big macula label, with convenient fixed position, this nine macula says for the star (or star) . Center star call a day again yuan.

3, on the offensive (Sente)

The person that weichi wins to capture, the winner must be taken to move in the battle. To strive for active, gain a victory, every fall one child, make the other side needs should, this calls on the offensive. Sometimes to strive for on the offensive, not hesitate even pay quite big price. Chess kind, especially go, because go ahead of the rest just can start work first,race to control wants a place, so need is stuck still child perhaps look, with period fair.

4, hang horn (Corner Approach)

In go actual combat, having a lot of time is to do not have him opportunity to come to solid ground to defend horny sky firm. After the one party of play a game of chess holds part, other one party often is fi

rst near the former castle that take part corresponding position fluctuates one child, prevent horny ministry to be defended completely by the other

side, this is called hang horn. Not very meets the friend of go, if looked carefully the man-machine of two bureaus is big recently battle, hanging horn with respect to meeting discovery is very common way in go match.

The needle in go

5, pointed (Diagonal)

The needle also weighs small needle, go term. In original castle apart all the way diagonally crossing fluctuates child. Yuan Yan Defu, Yan Tianzhang " classics of black Xuan Qi " :

Fang Ye's ground, two child inclined right, say pointed. Bright Lin Yingyou " comfortable affection records " : Inclined travel says all the way pointed. If the graph is medium black 1 hang horn, white 2 be a needle namely should law. The needle is one kind attacks and defence the laxative remedy that have both.

6, on the spot (Territories)

Have 3 kinds of explanations 1) namely district or sky. Point to the area that already had for some. (2) the situation judges term. Be like black 60 eye, point to namely black just be expected to be surrounded in overall situation have 60 ends zone. (3) point to have child with empty summation. Namely castle surrounds some all crossing.

7, loot (Kofights)

This is at present the hottest go heats up a word, ke Jie oppugns Mr Li Shishi 9 paragraphs, why be in today's match, in have disaster condition completely to fall, why to choose unable to disentangle to rob.

Loot, it is to show black and white both sides surrounds the castle of the other side, below this kind of situation, if annulus fall in vain, can eat off a black mole; If annulus black below, can eat off a Bai Zi likewise. Because such move back and forth forms a loop not to have solution, so go prohibits isomorphic repeat. Carry according to regular regulation one child hind, the other side is in can answer cannot answer immediately below the condition that carry carry, want preexistence to issue somewhere else, wait for the other side to answer farewell is carried after skill. Respective chess player is in the other place of chessboard, if have the amount of similar value to compare the disaster capable person with much the other side relatively, just suit disaster.

8, cast child admit negative (Resignation)

The man-machine of two bureaus is big recently battle, li Shishi the first bureau hold black go ahead of the rest, the 2nd bureau hold white, but did not fight to count with the other side child level is cast child admit negative, this makes a lot of netizens curious, what makes cast child admit negative? Say simply, it is namely before chess bureau cease, the territory under one's control that the one party of the match feels to he stands apparently has not compared the other side, and a kind of option that signs a treaty signed under coercion actively ahead of schedule. Between the chess player with higher level play a game of chess, won't resemble an amateur commonly in that way, dish 10 eye above is maintaining face difference even forcedly to issue requirement judgment to count child of computational victory or defeat.

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