Go man-machine big fight detail of the 2nd match is analytic: Human dignity is difficult already defend

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ine of go of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian detail of the 2nd match is analytic: Is human dignity difficult already defend origin: ? ?2016-03-10 21:0 of nobeliun silk duckweedEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Beijing time on March 10 midday 12 when, korea go 9 paragraphs, the big fight of man-machine of the 2nd bureau of world champion Li Shishi and Alpha Go of Gu Ge robot begins formally. Through 4 many the hour fights hard, li Shishi holds Bai Zhongpan to be defeated by Alpha Go, total score 0-2 is backward, want to be defeated by one bureau again only, li Shishi big fight of play away man-machine, think the opportunity that defends human dignity already became very vague.

Li Shishi

Before contest, mrs. Li Shishi guides daughter Li Huilin to also head for competition ground to watch fight, li Shishi adopts the daughter rise, the chortle in the Li Huilin bosom in father rise, draw Korea reporter to wear a spear weak point to prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan the bang in Pi. After a few minutes, mrs. Li Shishi takes a daughter to leave.

This bureau match, hold black Alpha Go to choose China to shed a bureau. Luo Xi river expresses champion of world of honored guest o

f phoenix net explanation 9 paragraphs, general the 3rd hand is in below the metropolis right place playing role, because,this is right next horn leave support black player close, fall child convenient. But the concept that Alpha Go does not have far and near apparently, accordingly the 3rd at hand is in the position of top left corner. A bureau of Alpha Go get the criticism of Luo Xi river, think to hang horn more advantageous to its. Li Shishi is defeated by chess hind in the first bureau, fall more smoothly today.

The 37th hand, alpha Go falls child let Li Shishi be immersed in long one's deceased father, many minutes 10 still downfallen child, it is to rise to smoke to the outside more among. Luo Xi river thinks Li Shishi is so long without necessary consideration 9 paragraphs, black chess situation is bad, the 37th hand has a dot to wave more. The chess player thinks, this pace chess is the smelly chess with incredible skill, the mankind is impossible so below. But the English explanation Yuan Leide of forwardly the wind that Mond thinks the 37th hand has cause of Wuqing of Great Master of Chinese deceased go 9 paragraphs model. After the reflection that controls through 15 minutes, li Shishi or choice conscientiously ground are stuck.

Go to the 56th hand, alpha Go is in left next horn walk out of I model, while oneself are empty-handed, let Li Shishi two chesses live very comfortably. Luo Xi river expresses, li Shishi a stratagem which ensures success is very great now, can see the Li Shishi of chess of the first bureau yesterday is exploring apparently, because have step of a lot of hand,be opposite a mankind when won't so below. At the same time Luo Xi river laughs say, if oneself let Alpha Go two child have below, because he is right computer software is very familiar, understand their train of thought. The chess player that pays close attention to the match on the net thinks Alpha Go is in left the battle of next horn had a deficit apparently.

The 80th hand, li Shishi infiltrates left on black chess, meaning the fact in the Alpha Go that approach pass the time in a leisurely way is empty. After the 81st hand flies to black chess, li Shishi is simple should smoke to rising again. Luo Xi river did not open disaster to express tardy to Li Shishi not quite understanding. His explanation says, loot should undertake valuation to global situation, meeting more the computational ability of test Alpha Go. If the word of Li Shishi loot, the situation can become more good-looking.

The 129th hand Alpha Go small needle, the Luo Xi river that lets explanation feels very accident, li Shishi is immersed in again long one's deceased father. And stone of match plum world is a lot of odder yesterday time is different, when Li Shishi is used than Alpha Go apparently today, should grow, when the match is close to, li Shishi has been about to enter read a second. Luo Xi river thinks hand of Li Shishi delay is too much, the situation has become punch-drunk, bai Qi cannot have seen an advantage. More interesting is, according to the engineer introduction of match ahead, alpha Go thinks oneself this bureau chess is preceding all the time, never had lagged behind. Although Alpha Go is close to human reflection very much means, but with human reflection means still has distinction.

After the 152nd hand, luo Xi river thinks Bai Qi has been no good apparently, of Li Shishi search dish of opportunity very vague. And right now Li Shishi not only had entered read a second, and use 60 seconds to read second time early, he right now every pace chess must be in a minute in fall child. Those who make a person strange is, li Shishi keeps away from all the time the change of loot, two bureaus match did not open disaster. And loot is the laxative remedy of the the richest change, most nervous stimulation in go, and very common in the match. In the confidential agreement that the chess player guesses Li Shishi and cereal song, whether to include the provision that must not open disaster.

Go to the 211st hand, plum world Shi Zhongpan loses.

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