Ke Jie comments on man-machine big fight second battle: Disgusting + acedia 0

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In new network on March 10 report this afternoon, alpha go (second battle ends 5 chesses of AlphaGo) robot and Li Shishi of Korea chess player, final Li Shishi hold suffer a defeat again in vain, total score already 0-2 is backward. To this, clean of character of delegate of Chinese go new generation stalking or branch [who is Ke Jie? Why so fire? ] express, this result lets him feel very disgusting, at the same time he also admitted AlphaGo is very powerful really.

Ke Jie

Li Shishi is successive of two matches suffer a defeat, also make Ke Jie very disappointed, he is in after contest when summary, the first word that uses is disgusting: Extremely disgusting, if fishbone,make me gutty the feeling in larynx, I am already acedia, this is complete be over be defeated. To AlphaGo, what Ke Jie admitted it is powerful, I did not touch the base of AlphaGo to now, every its judgement almost excel Li Shishi, very biting, I feel 0 than 5 the likelihood is big probability incident.

From inside match picture, the face that can see Li Shishi is very aglow, ke Jie expresses, because nervous place is brought about,

this also is, he is possible negative sentiment is particularly strong, additional if nervous, possible also overnight not Mian, can bring about without condition.

If AlphaGo is such really powerful, so how will the mankind face it henceforth? To this, ke Jie thinks the most important returning is to should be placed state of mind, regard it as a chess player will treat, cannot regard as machine, feeling is the mankind must win. In addition, ke Jie still expresses, actually a lot of 90 world champion of Chinese after can refuse to obey, because Li Shishi falls very badly. Nevertheless, ke Jie still is summed up finally, must admit AlphaGo really very strong.

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