Europe debt crisis erupts Europe joins quotations field share drops or " fall into enemy hands " (graph)

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The outbreak of Europe debt crisis forces Europe to invest a bank to cut down ceaselessly operation business, cut dimensions. Such act makes they must allow market share submissively competitor of person of the same trade.

The angle that invests bank market from the whole world looks, recently 5 years, united States endowment is cast the share of travel is rising and Europe endowment is cast of travel take the trend that drops than be being shown.

Such trend is in Europe in joining quotations field more apparent. United States endowment is cast go in nearly 10 years increased the market share of 10% , and this is the scale that Europe endowment casts a place to lose. In the meantime, still have tendency of sex of a structure, namely the investment banking of European whole is

in condition of be issued to lower levels. If such trend continues continuously, united States endowment casts the portion of travel to cast quotations field air chief marshal to exceed its Europe very quickly in Europe endowment person of the same trade, exceeded possibly even 2016.

In America market, united States endowment is cast take dominant place in mainland all right and what its occupy specific gravity to show ascendant trend, from 2010 63% increase to 66% 2015. However Europe endowment casts the market share of travel to give now to slip, from 2010 28% fall to 22% 2015.

Receive metabolic circumstance to look from integral battalion, both case appeared to split up significantly after Europe debt crisis. 2010 is a watershed, before this United States endowment and Europe endowment cast the metabolic trend that goes in this respect to agree basically. After 2010, united States endowment casts the battalion of travel to close occupy compare ceaseless promotion and Europe endowment is cast of travel occupy than gliding all the way.

Cause such situation has the following reasons probably now: The first, no matter capital market of the United States goes up from dimensions, the; of competitor of person of the same trade that develop speed to go up or excel Europe wants on financial innovation the 2nd, european debt crisis affects Europe badly to project the income of the industry. And, the superintendency orgnaization that Europe debt crisis brings about Europe is right Europe endowment is cast carry out more stringent superintendency regulations all right, include to ask Europe endowment casts gold of capital of travel hold more among them, lest cause systematization risk. These weaken Europe endowment to join the gain faculty of travel further. In the past 3 years two, the capital cost to answer growth and exhausted weak economy anabiosises, cast off superintend the powerful pressure that brings to bear on with governmental respect, europe endowment is cast was forced to adopt all right cut down considerably the measure of operation business. A lot of Europe endowment send the decision that made anguish all right, its operation activity is centered at certain and specific business section, and from the evacuate in other business in order to assure gain level. This a series of act makes United States endowment is cast finally gain profit all right; makes its held lead position in global market not only, also w

ill replace Europe endowment to drop the dominant position that goes in European market gradually.

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