Man-machine is big outcome of battle head battle: Plum world Shi Zhongpan admits defeat changeover of alpha wonderful foresight

Login register big fight of man-machine of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian head battle outcome: Plum does world Shi Zhongpan admit defeat: of origin of changeover of alpha wonderful foresight? Zi is short thoroughfare?2016-03-09 15:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// channel [summary] be in hotel of the four seasons of Korea head Er, alpha go hold Bai Zhongpan gets the better of Li Shishi.

Beijing time on March 9, go of alpha of song of cereal of Li Shishi VS [what is AlphaGo] man-machine big fight as agreed upon and to, be in hotel of the four seasons of Korea head Er, alpha go hold Bai Zhongpan gets the better of Li Shishi [the news briefing after contest] . Man-machine is big mankind of battle head bureau with respect to position fall! Will hold contest of the 2nd bureau 10 days at 12 o'clock, tecent will ask Yu Bin of national group total coach and world contest Tang Yi of chess player of ancient force of 8 coronals king, belle explains together, and Yu Kai of author of specially invite horizon makes artificial intelligence of honored guest discussion.

To play chess spot

Guess before contest first alpha go a bad shot, if adversary is a person, li Shishi is sure fine long hair chooses Bai Qi forthwith, because 7.5 purposes circumstance is stuck to fall in Chinese regulation, hold the consensus that has been professional chess player leisurely more in vain. But Li Shishi chose black chess, the likelihood is to want to lend dominant of go ahead of the rest layout. Layout is the technical weak point of accepted Li Shishi, will change for years not quite, so he prepared the laxative remedy that professional match has appeared hardly to alpha go: Black 7 turn over direction to form confuse your China to flow. Although white 10, 12 ask the action way that remove not quite profession, but later the garrison post that takes to 22, white square layout is OK still. Gu Li thinks black 23 can sheet jumps, block is next white 18 come forward with the middle both musts firstly. Stone of world of actual combat plum was sticking Bai Qi to walk along alpha go to deliver the opportunity of force, white after 24 thorn 26, 28 common hand supports, this is train of thought of difficult some of professional chess player, but Gu Li admits very strong, he feels to fight black step is dangerous.

White after 38 abduct go out black the feeling that just has be unable to deal with a situation really, but white 42 break machine, gu Li thinks to be hit right now eat black 23 with 27, li Shishi can be abandoned only child, such Bai Fangming shows an advantage. Actual combat is white 42 although also can fall, but let condition become complex, li Shishi got breathing. White 48 with black 49 exchange, it is the unwise move of the first pace of alpha go, gu Li feels to should be withheld, and Wang Lei says impolitely is elementary mistake.

Of Li Shishi black 61 compendious without the choice also laxative remedy, he also chooses the most complex laxative remedy, want to fight a bottle of fighting capacity well with alpha go!

Black 77 cangue dead middle two Bai Zi, li Shishi mastered already completely active. White the 80 one action that is weakness of cruel leakage AlphaG, this hand chess does not go, black square 2 child have really use the method that go out, but be not current urgent place, be in only the advantage is clear, eliminate here hidden danger also below the circumstance that enough wins victory, issue ability to have certain rationality so, actual combat just has lagged behind in vain, again such and dovish, visible alpha go is judging respect existence weakness. Black after 83 pairs of flying Yan Zhi, progressively trend gets the better of Li Shishi situation. White 86 consider roily condition, alpha go also realizes the situation is adverse it seems that. Li Shishi chose dovish laxative remedy after section chief take an examination ofing here, black square as before clear advantage. Next white 100 again error, gu Liming says damage truly 2 eye chess.

After black chess lives completely above, professional ace adjudged alpha go capital punishment basically.

The professional chess player of battle of a lot of view and spare ace say, the actual strength of alpha go lets a person did not think of really, but still do not have with professional ace, especially Li Shishi the ability that this level ace contends.

Gu Li is in through alpha go the expression of a bureau, evaluate alpha go so: The computer has the place that deserves us to learn, for instance the common hand in front supports, we won't go possibly, but look quite strong also now. But arrived in hind dish when having big step everywhere, computer was judging the weakness cruel leakage of the respect to come. The mankind can rely on instinctive judgement, computer is returned it seems that won't. It is not quite clear to be done to the judgement of large force, this may be the weakness of alpha go.

However gut appeared very quickly big changeover, li Shishi appears continuously in Guanzi phase big error, it is first law weakness is enrolled in right road, go grabs Rangaerfa white of 116 super big step, after that black 123 unexpectedly not fastigium defends role, loss more than 10 eye! Stone of judge

ment plum world has been defeated by Ke Jie right now decided, gu Li thinks black still just have faint advantage, but after crossing ten hands again, gu Li also judges Li Shishi to be defeated decided! Subsequently, li Shishi announces to admit defeat, lag behind in this 0-1 in 5 dishes of big fight.

The 2nd dish of bilateral match general on March 10 midday at 12 o'clock (Beijing time) be in an Er proceed, tecent net undertakes video living broadcast to the match, by Gu Lijiu paragraph, 9 Duan Hetang Yi hang Yu Bin 2 paragraphs dish explain.

Outspread read: Big fight of 2016 centuries man-machine on March 9 station video watchs whole whole course to review big fight of man-machine of 2016 centuries go address of living broadcast of video of the 2nd bureau will enter the mouth on March 10 time of go man-machine big fight is whole 2016 man-machine of time of final of site of race of edition general view is big battle head station

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