Man-machine big fight is oppugned must not loot chief judge refutes a rumor: The hope respects Li Shishi

Login register big fight of man-machine of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be oppugned must not loot chief judge refutes a rumor: Does the hope respect: of Li Shishi origin? Inclined?2016-03-11 10:3 of  Ju borderEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http:// channel

Victory or defeat appears no longer important. 10 days, be in competition ground of hotel of the four seasons of Korea head Er, when Korea day king Li Shishi falls below the cruel oppression of the people of artificial intelligence alpha again, the mood that altar of whole world chess can generalize if with Chinese chess emperor Niewei is made the same score now is not alpha the issue that can win, present problem is, the likelihood gets the better of Li Shishi to be begged hard

Be defeated by two repeatedly, li Shishi of Korea day king is immersed in deep bewilderment.

Because man-machine had not appeared before two dishes of battle greatly,complex disaster is contended for, include Kong Jie 9 paragraphs, Luo Xi river 9 paragraphs inside chess player of profession of a lot of China is in doubt, before returning somebody to suspect Li Shishi is surpassed even, signed with cereal song company must not loot [loot is what meaning] confidential agreement.

After contest, li Shishi also encountered the assault of this problem, the reporter asks: Whether to sign confidential agreement with Gu Ge, in process of play a game of chess must not loot vie? To this, the Li Shishi of try to show happyness when one is sad gives an irrelevant answer it seems that: Have really among me get the better of machine, endeavor to had fallen than the sports meet later.

Fencing command refutes a rumor: Respect Li Shishi please

I think those is opposite to challenge very much must not loot has interrogative profession chess player, if be you,enter the court with alpha fight hand to hand, can you sign with Gu Ge before contest in that way the agreement of abasement? Fencing command evening accepts chief judge of big fight of European champion, man-machine China on the west such ask in reply when special interview of telephone of Metropolis Daily reporter.

He the mood is a bit excited at that time, look in him, gu Ge does not care about such doubt probably, but to Li Shishi, be equivalent to oppugning his chess and bearing. If likely, I have a wish to hope everybody respects the Li Shishi that was defeated by a chess namely now. Today's the 2nd bureau, I sit to go up in juridical banquet, see Li Shishi complexion is aglow, see he falls hand of period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am is quivering slightly, feeli

ng be the same as experience! With be without emotive computer play chess, be overturned flintily by it, my feeling is the same as experience! I am in together with Li Shishi really for a time afflictive, what because only I know his heart,experiencing. Professional chess player actually very pure, their life is very simple also, play chess wants to win namely, because that is our source of income, but occasionally, fail everybody has not escaped. In my impression, when never seeing Li Shishi faces which mankind rival, hand hair trembles too, but this, I look really clearly to cut. Li Shishi was defeated by two bureaus, but everybody is informed, he did not develop his actual level actually, play chess is such, below a little special setting, meet what develop hard namely. He says.

Yes, sponsor after contest just see Li Shishi mood is very low, a provision added on the press conference: Li Shishi answers 3 media question only. Yes, li Shishi is the fighter of a be defeated only, he is not malefactor. Want to blame, the force of strange science and technology is far what imagine more formerly than us is ambitious big.

Ke Ada battle, or not affirmatory

If Li Shishi is fragile really,defeat Yuaerfa's hand, is artificial intelligence in the Ke Jie that can the next target of go domain be China? According to fencing command discloses, I breath out Sabisi to be together with project boss these days, tell the truth, I did not hear of have this arrangement, perhaps say to was not heard have particular match program. In addition I must declare, as a Chinese, I hope to see alpha challenges wonderful game of Ke Jie very much.

The media since source of Ke Azhi battle is interviewed, on one hand, hasabisi ever expressed alpha affirmation to still can go to China, Japan to continue man-machine big fight. On the other hand, be in recently happy the Ke Jie that inspects sports to say a step is made public 9 paragraphs express to wish with alpha one battle, because of the it is better to see for oneself rather than to hear for many times, 100 see be inferior to trying. Look at present nevertheless, before as big as Li Shishi's man-machine fight has not end, chess enthusiast people the Ke Ada battle of love to see and hear should have not served as a plan send on the desk of Gu Ge's boss.

As to the 2nd bureau of man-machine big fight, the expression of alpha continues to make a person uncannily, when 5 shoulders that issue a right to be taken when it are strong, nie Weiping expresses the chess emperor that watchs fight in Beijing, I want to computer uncover, and this message passes a body quickly to be in the ear of staff of DEEPMIND project group of Korea through the network, their impressions, besides gratified gratified still.

Look in spare chess enthusiast, final Guanzi phase alpha appears it seems that leakage calculates, covey black mole is dug to eat by Li Shishi, nevertheless, the Gu Lijiu that says a step on the network paragraph dispel doubts quickly to everybody this is not leakage calculate, however it wins a chess for safety, want to ensure big dragon becomes the sacrifice that makes alive. Yes, alpha is the machine of a vie, can win to go, float is pie-eyed below the chess not important.

The layout that the fencing command in Korea spot sends to Aer enrols the body the law also is to be profuse in praise, that hand chess looks very smelly, be like caustic a lot of on the spot, but it is excellent that the black mole before that hand chess and this cooperates, so powerful position is conceived, who still can teach it? I guess, it is it is realized those who come out, is this its powerful germ?

Right must not the hearsay of loot, fencing command still emphasized again yesterday: I do not know where the germ of this rumor is, so that I am in today a lot of small letters group in cannot help standing to clarify. In fact, early in me October was mixed last year in the chess manual of alpha, had had a lot of disaster to contend for, before everybody is judged, cannot see table of one play chess first? (China Guzhi of Metropolis Daily reporter is like on the west)

(original title: Man-machine big fight must not loot? The chief judge refutes a rumor: Hope everybody respects Li Shishi)

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