American full brother the 300 million little brother in elder brother of win a prize in a lottery is medium at the same time 7 dollars

Login register full brother of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is the 300 million little brother in elder brother of win a prize in a lottery medium at the same time: of 7 dollars origin? Be not Nao?2016-03-07 17:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// channel

One is the head award of near 300 million dollar, one is the small award of 7 dollars, because of bear the palm person it is a pair of full brother, lottery of American puissant ball went up again first.

Zhanmusisituokelasi of guest evening standard Judge Ni Yazhou heads for Florida archipelago to go vacationing with one many close friends, be in in road of 1 day of return trips this month a convenience inn bought a few lottery ticket. The result is, zhanmusi became medium head award, luck of Bob of his

brother of; of 291.4 million dollar needs total amount a few, medium 7 dollars.

Local lottery management department says in a statement, zhanmusi chooses the one-time bonus that get, duty hind restrains 191 million dollar. Actually, zhanmusi is not one person gets this large award alone, follow two friends that give money together at that time to deuce however.

Media photograph shows, management department of Florida state lottery is Zhanmusi th

e check that brother opens an one magnify dimension each, writing with the arabic numerals respectively above 291 million dollar and 7 dollars.

Zhanmusi says, although medium large award, he or meeting will return working station on April 1, this without doubt.

This year in January, the prize of day price head that lottery of American puissant ball drives an amount to be 1.586 billion dollar, cause lottery of scare buying of American people insanity for a time. Puissant ball lottery shows level to be in special zone of Colombia of 44 cities of American, Washington and beauty to belong to Puerto Rico and beauty to belong to and other places of dimension Beijing archipelago to sell.

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