American cameraman accident pats a bird group place peculiar formation (graph)

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integratedly] according to England " daily Post " will report on March 3, a cameraman of American is when California state trip, film accidentally bird group the figure that presents a male genital in sky.

Luobaipaermo of 62 years old comes from division collect to help much city, it is when California state trip, filmed a lot of birds group the photograph that flies in the sky. When leafing through a photograph again, discover amid accidentally however on a piece of photograph, bird group the figure that presents in the sky makes a person a little awkward, present the appearance that gives male genital unexpectedly.

Palmer says he sees mom of a hawk is in at that time sweep past a bird round Europe group rotate, wait to ta

ke a turn, camera was taken to be patted since one fashionable then. He also discovers at that time, when this hawk mom is awaiting opportunity deal with, seem to direct these birds in virtually group place figure.

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