Artistic 2015 market reports: The United States clinchs a deal 5 years frontal head exceeds China (graph)

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he United States clinchs a deal 5 years does frontal head exceed China (graph) origin: ? Inclined?2016-03-04 10:1 of border of play broadleaf plantEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http:// channel [summary] and Chinese artistic market grows smoothly, 2015 second half of the year is shown slightly on raise trend.

The whole world is the most expensive 2015 artwork is Picasso " the woman of Algiers (O) edition " , clinch a deal valence 179.4 million dollar.

" the woman of Algiers (O) edition "

South dispatch nowadays, artistic market already but regard as the economic industry of a complete independence. According to Artprice and elegant prosperous art the market monitors a center (AMMA) released recently " market of 2015 year art reports " , the market behaved western art 2015 not common, market position gets strengthening consolidating. Clinching a deal on the forehead, the United States came to first degrees 5 years recapture a head from Chinese hand an ancient folding chair. And Chinese artistic market grows smoothly, 2015 second half of the year is shown slightly on raise trend.

Artprice group author holds a president concurrently to express in the report: With respect to global economy and financial current situation character, pure art kind the market passes vendue, obtained the assembly that is as high as 11.2 billion dollar to pay the specified amount, reflected this market to serve as a kind true additional kind of maturity of investment.

Day price auctions market of your high end to rise abruptly

Su Fu is compared and beautiful person must pat a big alligator twice this to still holding the whole world to auction the dominant position of the market. 2015, they are patted through 34 thousand batch only taste the military successes that achieved 9.5 billion dollar (clinch a deal the quantity occupies the whole world to auction the market to trade only the 7%) of the quantity. Have in these gain exceed a half to come from the little Yu Yiqian that in London and new York two cities clinch a deal pat taste classic.

2015, had clinched a deal in on auction market 3 the day price of 100 million is patted tasting is Picasso respectively " the woman of Algiers (O) edition " (179.4 million dollar) , the sculpture of Gu Kemei the base of a fruit " demonstrator " (141.2 million dollar) and not.

To answer the demand of high-end market, auction firm also is being patted article make on structure and sale date adjust accordingly. On May 11, 2015, beautiful person must hold " look into future " special performance, 34 batch are patted taste assembly to hand in the forehead to reach 705.8 million dollar, achieve vendue history go up to always clinch a deal the 3rd tall peace all takes the specified amount taste the record with top price.

" market of 2015 year art reports " analysis, make a person most the auction record of stare tongue-tied results from no longer the investment of billionaire is actuation. The backside that buys a division an excellent work more the economic strategy that involved to perfect: No matter be tall more, the A Ni in Mo Di, still altogether tall classic is global culture consequence and visiting person-time index assure.

No matter be heroic spirit,the middle east with abundant actual strength buys the home, developing private museum property energetically nowadays. Top class classical gigantic the assurance that making is museum grade. Simple for, every museum needs his unconscious graceful Li Sha.

Before Chinese artist of short duration fastens year 10

Those are in in year artist before seniority the person above average of 10, maintained the half of country of high-end art market. " market of 2015 year art reports " show, the artist of sheet of before entering this year 10 a list of names posted up is respectively: Picasso, Andiwohuoer, Mo Nai, Mo Di Liani, Gu Kemei the base of a fruit, Fulangxisipei.

Chinese artist magnify 1000 before with Qi Baishi of short duration is fastened 10 seniority, part in sheet of a list of names posted up a row the 12nd with the 13rd. This also explains from flank the fall after a rise of Chinese artwork market and reason are adjusted.

" report " early childhood, internet and mobile Internet are trading in little change artwork the zoology of the market. The whole world auctions the 95% founded his relevant websites in travel 4500 times.

The silver hair that still appeared to use mobile Internet to search artwork recently a group of things with common features, they are age is in the artistic lover with 50 years old of above, high purchasing power and collector, main use Internet searchs artwork in the whole world. For this, the flat computer that they basically use habits and customs of culture of the old

people in suiting completely and big screen smartphone. They visit Internet and auction travel to have psychogenic disorder to using personal computer.

This group auctions the fresh troops of the market, also will be the main client of industry of art of prospective shift Internet. President of group of elegant prosperous culture holds father concurrently 10 thousand nimble are in the preface that is report compose, to artistic market Internet + future expresses confidence: The ability of the confluence that cross a boundary of Internet, promoted a variety of forms such as finance of business of the auction on the line, artwork cable, artwork artistic market Internet + development.

(original title: " market of 2015 year art reports " fresh United States giving heat recaptures a head in national champion from which an ancient folding chair)

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