The road appears: Brazil plans to let male midge lose progenitive force to resist stockaded village gets stuck with the gamma ray

Brazil plans to use a gamma ray illuminate male midge makes its lose progenitive ability, spread with what this will prevent stockaded village to block virus.

This kind of irradiation implement ever was used to on Portuguese Ma Dela island control drosophila. Orgnaization of international nuclear energy says 22 days, want Brazilian government to issue a license only, this orgnaization is contributive device carry reachs this country the Ruazelu of Ba Yiya city.

Kesidasibuerteqisi says the molecular biologist of lab of control of pest of orgnaization of international nuclear energy: This is a kind of method that controls breed, be equivalent to human family planning.

Brazil try every means eradicates Egypt yellow-fever mosquito, this kind of mosquito can transmit dengue fever and the virus of stockaded village card that spread recently. Virus of stockaded village card is thought with the new student small head disease is concerned.

Brazil is not seek profits the orgnaization will breed 12 million male mosquito at most every week, use Canada next the cobalt that the company produces Nuodien - 60 irradiation implement have steriliz

ation to its.

Boer Teqisi says, these male midge will be put to the target area and feral female midge is copulatory, the egg that so female midge produces won't raise up seed.

After town has trial test near Ruazelu, brazilian government is about to decide to whether throw more capital to make sterilization mosquito in order

to accelerate put in a city. Boer Teqisi says, undertake possibly putting in with unmanned aircraft at the appointed time.

Virus of stockaded village card already spread at present 30 many countries, be in for the most part America. Because stockaded village blocks virus to did not treat method and vaccine, the only method that controls virus transmission reduces mosquito amount namely.

Brazilian researcher also is experimenting irradiation method. Institute of foundation biology medicine already was in Aosiwaerduokelusi northeast from Brazil coast the Fei Erna of 350 kilometers is much - Dinuoluoniya.

Project of this one test aims to duplicate lab result: Female midge is produced there is 70% not to have progenitive force in the egg below. Siwahaer says the researcher Ai Li of institute of medicine of this foundation biology, will see preliminary result May.

Wahaer says, make with a few radiate the technology of mosquito sterilization is the safest method that eliminates mosquito, because do not have,release harmful material to the middle of the environment. She expresses, this turns than using gene mosquito more be to one's profit.

(original title: The road appears: Brazil plans to let male midge with the gamma ray family planning fights stockaded village to get stuck)

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