Syrian government announces to accept beautiful Russia to conflict with respect to Syria cease-fire agreement

Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will make a statement on Feburary 23, announce appraise government accepts the United States and Russia to just suspended the agreement that hostile action reachs each with respect to Syrian conflict a few days ago.

U.N. secretary-general Pan Jiwen makes a statement 22 days through the spokesman, greeting United States and Russia conflicted with respect to Syria that day each cease-fire comes to an agreement. Statement expresses, if agreement of this one cease-fire gets abidance, will to restart Syrian peace talks creates favorable environment. This is to be in the Syrian after conflict lasts 5 years civilian the hope that ends affliction possibly. Hua Chunying of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs says 23 days, russian-American stopped hostile action to come to an agreement in Syria a few days ago, indicating relevant parties is farther act consensus translate into, just express to welcome to this in.

22 days, russia is in the beauty conflicts with respect to Syria after each cease-fire comes to an agreement several hours, er of Syrian president Ba Sha signs the 63rd president to make, announce to will hold a Syrian on April 13 civilian parliamentary vote. Afore-mentioned act desire of Ba Sha Er are indicating: Syrian government has confidence and ability to restore to stabilize, make national politics, economy and social life return normal course.

Syrian civilian the parliament shares 250 seat in a legislature. According to Syrian constitution, people parliament holds an election 4 every years, current parliament will expire in May this year. The alignment of progress of assemblyman alliance whole nation that what chair majority holds in current parliament is government office of take over the reins of government upon coming age, parliamentary opposition in all 82 banquet, include to change and liberate p

eople alignment and independent assemblyman to wait. The resolution that will pass last year in December according to U.N. Security Council, syria should hold parliament and presidential election according to new constitution inside 18 months, with ending the conflict that lasts several years.

Analytic personage thinks, ba Sha Er announces vote of appraise people parliament is to cooperate the reaching of beautiful Russia agreement. But Yi Ge of Sa of at present of Ye of law of assemblyman of appraise people parliament expressed to media that day, decide this the election is the behavior of Syrian exercise state sovereignty, rather he the agreement that any countries reach has nothing to do.

When the gram in tower of personage of analysis of politics of Egypt current affairs is accepting our newspaper reporter to interview, say, ba Sha Er announces to hold election of appraise people parliament namely after beautiful Russia comes to an agreement, very it's hard to say does not have any relations with this agreement. According to resolution of U.N. Security Council, syrian politics transfers the process should be to be established first transfer government, draft new constitution, just hold new parliament and presidential election next. And Ba Sha Er announces to have parliamentary vote above all, it is the nature that states prospective new parliament

still is original parliament and lawful continuance; 2 it is to show the government is mixed in cease-fire larger active advantageous position is striven for in the political course of open subsequently.

According to the arrangement of the United States and Russia, cease-fire agreement will begin to carry out on Feburary 27, syria conflicts each just answer Yu Xu 26 days of zero hour are forward local time Russia or United States make clear fulfil cease-fire agreement of purpose. Appraise civil war already caused 260 thousand person to die up to now, international society asks the cry of appraise cease-fire is more rising. However, conflict to check in concerned respect, bring for appraise while peace hopes, people is right appraise each whether fulfill cease-fire agreement existence to worry truly. If cease-fire cannot become reality, so the election of appraise people parliament that place of Ba Sha Er announces also cannot be held as scheduled, although be in,division of governmental army control was held, random to turning round Syria bureau also won't have much big effect.

The analysis thinks, although beautiful Russia is bilateral,with respect to Syria each cease-fire reached an agreement, but whether hurried clinchs a deal battle just realizes cease-fire to still remain to observe each. Anyhow, of the agreement reach, had released requirement of society of border going abroad and smooth positive signal. (our newspaper Caire on Feburary 23 report)

(original title: Syrian cease-fire agreement faces test)

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