Does loan of French dining-room boss hang out one's shingle: after refus by? Banker of Fang Shan? is no good

French Paris on the west outskirt Lv Ai - the job that Mamaisong produced to let a person find both funny and annoying recently, merchant of a Mi Jilin dining-room of local thinks a branch, but meet with because of borrowing money from the bank however refus and a blackboard stood to write in dining-room doorway under one anger: The dog can be entered, banker is no good! Merchant expresses clearly, if banker

insists to enter store, must pay 70 thousand euro (add up to 77 thousand dollar about) , namely the amount that he seeks loan. This merchant name gets stuck Lai for Alexander, it is 30 years old.

He tells place media, oneself dining-room is managed very well at present, still be included Mi Jilin guideline, the turnover last year reached about 332 thousand dollar, because this produced the think of a way that opens a branch, but borrow money time and again however meet with refus. I never economic problem, but I was encountered now, he tells England " daily telecommunications signs up for " , banker people do not do them (should do) the job. He st

ill says, the merchant of French dining-room and entrepreneur people encountered similar case almost, loan is made by refus be related he feels humiliate, because this comes through hanging out one's shingle,express oneself dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, card Lai states he won't abandon the idea of the branch, but won't again with banker contact with.

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