" of 4 years old of male Tong Yin kills Egypt two years ago 4 people " is sentenced lifelong imprisonment (graph)

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Left: Ha Maide is in 116 people are lifelong inside imprisonment list right: Ha Maide birth certificate

Murder 4 people, plot beforehand to kill 8 people, egypt 4 years old of children are sentenced because of the accusation of multinomial bristle with anger making a person life imprisonment. And this, it is probably most absurd is sentenced case.

On Feburary 18, " Jerusalem Post " the report says, caire one court this week is sentenced because of multinomial accusation year only boy life imprisonment of 4 years old. Hamaidemansuerkaerni of 4 years old (Ahmed Mansour Karni) was included 116 people lifelong imprisonment list, its crime is in cold blood a

ffray of killing, provoke, damage national riches.

According to the indictment, the court accuses Hamaide murders 4 people, plot beforehand to kill 8 people before 2 years, damage Egypt Ministry of Public Health public property, threaten police and soldier, destroy its car. And 2 years ago, haing Mai Decai is mere 2 years old.

However the court of Egypt does not suspect to the ability of 2 years old of children it seems that. This month 16 days, although Hamaide did not appear in court, the court still adjudges its life imprisonment. The boy's counsel for the defence Lamadanfeierhate (Ramadan Farhat) to judicial present Hamaide's birth certificate in order to underline its age, but the court disregarded this stuff.

After Ha Maide's name is included to accuse list, we submitted his birth certificate, but subsequently this law case is turned over to court-martial, below the circumstance that did not attend in the accused person next, the court announced to sentence life imprisonment. The lawyer pulls equestrian red say.

Judge estimation had not seen even long table seriously. His complement says.

The court decision of this be left speechless with wonder or fear making a person is in quickly Egypt raised in an uproar on gregarious website. What netizen cannon manages standard system reachs a government is unjust reach corruption. Egypt lawyer, reporter waits for describing this one court decision is blind absurdity, say this is court decision with Egypt the absurdest law.

At present of Egypt judicatory justice is to was not saved, egypt has done not have justice but character. Be without logic, be without cause, egypt is really mad. This is how a flock of crackbrained people are doing adjudication. Egypt a lawyer, mohammed (Mohammed Abu Hurira) appear be filled with indignation.

According to the report of Egypt media, the court mixes 4 years old of children probably its father is done turned over, name a habit according to Egyptian, father's name can be reflected in child name, the report says investigation shows actually Hamaide's father is solemn elder brother meets a member. All accusation that point to Hamaide are probable point to its father actually.

But up to now, still have no a report to show the court appears personally make it clear that this is a mistake, the cancel accusation to the child and court decision.

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