Libyan beautiful government rejects IS fight in some places one by one blow is hostile new " capital "

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China Daily net report will report on Feburary 18 according to American media on Feburary 19, the extreme organizes Mohammedan country (IS) Libyan attack a city to sweep past the ground wantonly, american the Pentagon made plan of a blow at this point, but government of abstruse Ba Ma rejects to give orders to implement this plan however.

The extreme organizes Mohammedan country (IS) Libyan attack a city to sweep past the ground wantonly. (picture origin: Daily Post)

Reportorial cite says if 3 beautiful department of defenses are curule, at present Libyan area is faced with increasingly austere IS menace, nevertheless, government of abstruse Ba Ma rejected the plan that the army is in local hub center about hitting IS.

Week of the closest number, american army fights in its Africa and special type the dominant of headquarters falls to ask strongly again and again to Libyan, especially Suerte, executive more air attack, expedite more and elite troops. Suerte is Libyan before the birthplace of leader Ka Zafei, under the control that is in IS now, make this regional supreme headquarters that organizes extremely gradua


Prevent a curule introduction according to the United States, the air attack of U.S. Army dominant plans to will be aimed at the IS target of Libyan churchyard, meanwhile, the U.S. Army still will expedite army of a special type to help Libyan country army groom recruit. Beautiful department of defense plans to collect more information to arm to Suerte's IS thereby originally initiate continuously air attack, but unexpectedly their blow plan is laid aside by government of abstruse Ba Ma however aside.

(Aobama) the government does not have interest to this. Official of a beautiful department of defense explains, the U.S. Army will continue to be carried out in the light of high value target blame is regular assault, resemble will killing IS to be in last year in November Libyan leader Abunabile's air attack is same. Official of another beautiful department of defense complements: Produce operation of large-scale military affairs impossibly, we can see as similar as the photograph of air attack action that kills Nabile blow acts only.

After Ka Zafei is overthrown, libyan be in troubled waters all the time, this offerred soil and condition for the development of IS. Be in occupational after Suerte, IS is base camp with this, rapid development expands the dimensions of 5000 people. Rise at the beginning of this year January oneself, IS attacks in force a distance Suerte's not far Xideer and Lasilanufu two oily harbor, try loot oil natural resources, the pecuniary loss that air attack brings is sufferred in order to make up for in Syria. French media points out, the scout in law army sky discovers, IS still is in Libyan establish training camping ground, for rich division bethel Mu La comparing is connected (weigh guarder again) wait for African horror to organize training personnel. Additional, element of battle of many France emperor is headed for by Tunisia really Libyan.

IS is in expand quickly Libyanly, the height that posed beautiful Europe nation is anxious. But in ought to be in Libyan adopt why to plant the action on this problem, the United States and European country are put in difference however. To European country, libyan geographical distance is closer, and had jumped into what go to Europe for the refugee turn dot, and may jumbly in these refugees the terrorist that has risk, because this is active,the plan is in again Libyan undertake the military affairs intervenes. Several days ago, the base of a fruit of Nuo of skin of Italian defense minister admits to media, shikoku of meaning of law of United States flower is in Libyan the negotiation that undertakes the military affairs intervenes is mixed thick and fast increasingly thorough. And American starting point depends on cannot allowing IS to be in Libyan establish another supreme headquarters, its military affairs intervenes Libyan apiration is opposite weaker.

Nevertheless, european country wants to dispatch troops Libyan, still face a real obstacle at present Libyan the government that did not consolidate. Since 2014, libyan the disrupt situation that is immersed in two two governments, parliaments. Below U.N. mediate, this country comprised on January 19 temporarily centralized government, but approbate without what get a parliament. Nevertheless also analytic personage says, although western country emphasizes wanting to be in Libyan establish a separate entity to dominate this country just can intervene condition after the country, but if a such substance do not appear tardy, also cannot eliminate western country not to arrive oneself please.

(original title: IS fight in some places one by one is Libyan government of abstruse Ba Ma rejects to hit hostile new capital)

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