The Chinese is crowded explode Japanese drugstore changes an experience to be not because of human nature seek the drug that hold a god in both hands

Chinese tourist goes to day to explode buying is popular topic of nearly two years, and lid of Bao of meal of digital camera of Japan, report, closestool be heated up to fry in China all the time, but long-term since what hold position of overlord of Chinese tourist shopping detailed list truly is drug health protection is tasted. During the Spring Festival, " round-the-world times " the reporter walks into inn of a medical makeup casually in Tokyo

, can see the figure of Chinese tourist. Their left hand one basket right hand one basket, used big go-cart even. What do they basically buy? Buy medicines and chemical reagents and cosmetic. A lot of medicine makeup inn even must a day many times urgent attune goods, in order to fill the goods shelves of full absolutely empty, chinese of feeling letting a person sweeps medical mode in day open insanity is not Xu Yan completely. is Chinese medicines and chemical reagents very more than difference of Japanese medicines and chemical reagents? Does China explode how is buying a crowd to learn Japanese drug information?

Divine medicine is not magical, however civilian is changed

The heat of Japanese medicines and chemical reagents sells be not only then at the near future. Begin from 2014, all sorts of divine medicine detailed list that go to Japan must be being bought are on Chinese gregarious media mad pass, up to now heat is not decreased. Open this kind of detailed list to discover not hard, alleged god medicine, those who what be not to treat difficulty miscellaneous disease is rare be short of medicines and chemical reagents, however the medicaments of a few compensatory spirit, average family expenses that treats slight illness.

If say electric meal Bao, closestool builds those who wait for Japanese product to buy tide,result from intelligence is clean, so drug health protection is tasted make goods of sell like hot cakes, so not good understanding. After all, drug health protection of China is tasted also is full of beautiful things in eyes. The place with special what does Japanese medicines and chemical reagents have after all?

From global limits for, japan is not the country that high-grade drug health protection tastes frequency to go out. Even if patent drug health protection of Japan is tasted, chinese home passes examination mimic core effect as identical as its also. Change character, all sorts of drug health protection that Chinese tourist place buys are tasted, not be to be in Japan to just be bought only get, japanese made perhaps best. Actually, should be asked about why to taste to Japanese drug health protection when be obsessed with so, the answer of major China tourist is to had experienced, human nature is changed!

Drug health protection of Japan tastes effect of not certain drug breathtaking, value an user to experience however. These drug health protection are tasted is not to specialization forward way develops, be aimed at the masses completely however, civilian of do one's best is changed. Thick unripe province is in Japan when examining and approve drug health protection to taste, put the use experience of Everyman in core position, include Everyman whether understand label, whether master adroitly take reach use method, mouthfeel to wait. After all, ordinary people is not the apothecary that has sufferred training, it is so clear to be done not have to knowledge of professional medicines and chemical reagents, use more convenient experience to had been jumped over. The liquid that for instance be heated holds in both hands is achieved can stick, many people are developing what convention achieves the interesting experience that can stick use method to buy to overturn namely. That brushs a head to let handle cut to resemble besmear fingernail oil not only, can let active ingredient more well and truly action is in cut.

Same list those who buy detailed list to relieve a cough syrup, its figure is cartoon, for the child that takes medicine to fearing, provide affinity extremely above all. Ms. Zou of Shanghai says, take Japanese drug to darling people for, become an amusement, is not to need his to be fooled repeatedly belt cheat, last child is returned wow wow cry greatly. And biscuit relieves a cough preterhumanly medicine, open hear, sweet strawberry flavour, let a person want not self-consciously to come to. See cap again carefully, it is special young graduate, special safe cap is designed, can open cap in order to prevent him child.

It is the child likes not only, also think even a few adult taste of Japanese medicines and chemical reagents is better. The introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad gentleman that comes from Sichuan says: As a child moment begins, the Chinese traditional medicine that I take suffers from namely, of raw meat or fish, curative effect does not say first, but leaving an opening very hard is certain however. But, of Japan Chinese square medicine is done not have so bitter, so raw meat or fish, issue larynx very easily. And similar drug, great majority meets those who have several kinds of different capacities pack, can need to choose according to oneself.

The depth that health protection of Japanese cure drug savors a company to pay attention to consumer very much second psychology demand, besides product effect, do one's best lets consumer trusts from the heart and be accepted. For instance to the person that often stays up late, the health care that has excited function more very much is tasted, composition writes the chemical complex that wears all sorts of seeing that do not understand mostly, with long hard to avoid can worry about side-effect. Relevant product of Japan uses all sorts of everybody's hep vitamins, reduced consumer to be opposite thereby the apprehension of chemical material side-effect, the cognitive judgement that passes themselves is purchased.

Buy buyer to had served

The drug health protection that faces filled up with goods shelves is tasted, some China tourist often can ask: Does Japanese medicine sell casually in drugstore so? Actually, japanese medicine tastes in principle cent to be 2 kinds, one kind is to must want to pass the medical treatment that the ability after the doctor is diagnosed receives to be tasted with medicine, another kind is need not prescription autograph of the doctor, bought OTC cure drug can be judged by oneself below the apothecary proposal in inn of drugstore, medicine makeup. OTC cure medicines and chemical reagents includes to be able to alleviate effectively ache of fatigue, eyesight exhaustion, shoulder, lumbago, constipation, cold, have a fever, arthralgia, muscle the medicines and chemical reagents of the symptom such as painful, n/med beriberi. Japanese buys health care of taken medicines and chemical reagents to taste daily, it is medicines and chemical reagents of cure of this kind of OTC, also favor now by Chinese tourist.

Buy easily, it is another of sell like hot cakes of Japanese medicines and chemical reagents main reason. Medicine is bought to go to the lavatory as buying drink in Japan, walk along two paces to be able to see medical makeup inn a little. It is not the drugstore on traditional sense any more, still sell all sorts of goods such as cosmetic, snacks, beverage and umbrella besides medicines and chemical reagents. After the client buys food, beverage or cosmetic, often meet conveniently takes health protection of a few drug to taste.

The medicine that full of beautiful things in eyes is completely in all sorts of inn tastes health care, can use at any time in the life, cannot help doing sth letting a person. I play Okinawa all the way from Tokyo, imperceptible replete full one case. Patulin, liquid is achieved can stick, the vitamin agent of exhaustion of water of cough of costive medicine, children, antagonism. Bought want to buy again so in that way, actually, my feeling has not been bought enough, but do not have method to install really. Bought 30 much yen (1 yuan of RMBs close 17 yen about) Ms. Zhang of medicines and chemical reagents says.

To satisfy the need of Chinese tourist, makeup inn still rolls out each Japanese medicine the Chinese ad that attracts eyeball, display ware according to the Chinese's habit, the clerk that arranges more to know Chinese serves for Chinese client, the Chinese tourists that get online for need offer free WIFI, enhanced the kind sense of Chinese tourist greatly.

Mr Wang that comes from Chengdu says: I carry the tourist guide notebook that sends out everywhere " Japan-i has a good swim Japan " obtained a coupon, buy article of above of 30 thousand yen to be able to have 5% discounts commonly. For the person that to us these your writing sweep money, honest too be to one's profit.

What Ms. Dong that goes to day of travel for many times takes a fancy to is Japanese medicine the duty-free and corresponding measure of makeup inn. In October 2014, japan revised the consumption tax that faces foreign tourist to escape tax system, begin a medicines and chemical reagents to bring into duty-free object, a lot of drugstore installed duty-free and special bar for this, installed all sorts of Chinese sign, some still deployed Chinese to guide the member that buy. Buy medical makeup to Japan before, want the duty-free shop with special look about. Now, majority store can deal with duty-free formalities directly. Ms. Dong says.

Mr Lin expresses undergraduate of 20 years old, a lot of drugstore of Japanese can get online freely, net fast fast also. If want to pass network and domestic close friends to acknowledge connection, help them take a thing, entered medical makeup inn to go directly.

Chinese gregarious media makes free conduct propaganda

Human nature changes design, excellent service to wait is the main reason that Japanese drug health protection tastes sell like hot cakes admittedly, but now is not wine any more good do not be afraid of alley child difficult time, again good thing if nobody knows, also can lie over to sleep to become aware greatly only. A little advertent one can discover, see the ad that is less than Japanese medicines and chemical reagents, health care to taste basically on Chinese traditional media. So the issue came, how does Chinese consumer learn Japanese drug information?

Buy wanted drug eventually, china always stops money, (So) one-time bought 10 China to did not sell cool and refreshing model eye ointment or eyedrops comes to medicine makeup inn, whats want, very cheap, the small gain that wants to buy this kind to praise Japanese medicine product entirely, friend encircles information to be able to be found everywhere on Chinese Internet, they are the new guideline that Chinese tourist goes to day to buy drug.

Ms. Zhang that claims Japanese medicine accuses, want one year to head for Japan to travel many times. The health protection of drug of daily family expenses that knows Japan from circle of small letter friend tastes me. Has bought friend is hair photograph in friend circle, it is to write experience personally, still made buy a strategy. The drug of friend introduction also was bought after I go to Japan, after trying a few times, use a sense pretty good, liked to go up, also meet the friend that introduces me now.

Go sightseeing according to Japan the bureau is draw-out the statistic that began in August 2015 shows, the content that travels about Japan on Chinese gregarious media grew 2.3 compared to the same period times. Will come 18 days on August 12 only inside a week, the relevant content on small gain achieves 9982 250 thousand, the content on small letter amounts to 2934 140 thousand. Chinese gregarious media, had become Japanese medicines and chemical reagents to move toward the most important channel of the innumberable families.

More those who make a person open-eyed is, a lot of what publish content of Japanese medicines and chemical reagents on gregarious media is self-invited pink, they establish group of vermicelli made from bean starch to do promotion volunteer even. So, can groups of these vermicelli made from bean starch be operation of Japanese enterprise backside, employed water army?

The reporter covered the Japanese industry that drug health protection tastes related production technically for this. They express, the well-known company that serves as Japan and appear on the market company, if there is such expenditure in propagandi

st charge, regular meeting is detailed, in submitting financial now report clearly. Japanese law is very strict to these field requirements, charge can be punished related cloak by severity. Current, in the relevant charge of the company, do not have in employ of Chinese gregarious media the propagandist defray of water army, because this can bear the blame,the ground says us to do not have employ water army.

Look, the health protection of certain Japan drug that appears on Chinese gregarious media tastes group of vermicelli made from bean starch, it is the person that real product loves. Why such? Similar drug, japanese great majority can have several to plant, the packs some Japan new-style health care that differs to on 10 kinds of capacities very is tasted, chinese market is done not have, and use natural plant data basically, fall compound lowermost limits probably, the powder on Chinese gregarious media people, had given out the answer.

(original title: The Chinese is crowded explode " of Japanese " drugstore is chased after because of taking a fancy to an experience to be not hold high-end god medicine in both hands)

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